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As we move through the last few days of March, we’re facing the full moon on the 28th that will essentially be the first full moon of Spring. This full moon is one that holds powerful energies and is present in the sign Libra.

For those who do not know this moon is one that will have us very emotional but also much more focused. Some of us will be turning inward while others will be diving into love head-first. While some signs will be more affected than others by these energies, we will all be facing them in one way or another.

Below I am going to go over each zodiac sign and what those born under them should be expecting as a result. There is a lot to unpack here and we all need to be as aware as possible. This is not the time to be cutting up, that’s for sure.


For the Aries, this full moon is going to be focusing more on finances but also working to find balance when it comes to personal life and ‘work-life.’ You’re someone who tends to pour your all into the work you’re doing and as a result, the people around you fall through the cracks, maybe it’s time to change that.


The Taurus during all of this is going to be working hard to leave certain things in the past. While that is not easy for you, it is something you much be willing to do. If you keep dragging this baggage around with you, it will only make you miserable.


This full moon is going to have the Gemini ready to call it quits in a lot of areas. As a Gemini, you need to keep pushing forward and making sure that you’re doing things that feed your soul. If what you’re doing is only bringing you down, you need to rethink it. Changes are always possible whether you think they are or not.


As a Cancer, you’re going through a lot right now and this moon is only going to add to the clutter. You’re going to be cutting ties and working on self-care which is great but is also going to have you feeling exhausted. You’ve got a lot going on and you need a break from time to time, don’t forget you’re only human.


As a Leo, this moon is going to pull you from the spotlight and you should not be fighting it. You should be working to see what it is this moon is trying to highlight in your life and which areas you’re capable of making improvements within. Nothing will change unless you work with yourself to make things happen, you can’t just wish for your life to be better, you have to make it better.


This full moon is going to push the Virgo to show his or her romantic side more. You’re going to be doing things for your partner that you typically wouldn’t and really trying to impress. This is a side of you that your partner is going to love, don’t be afraid to let this kind of thing out from time to time.


Libra people during this full moon are going to be much more emotional and caring. They are going to be trying their best to express themselves more properly and overall learning about what it is they want and do not want. Chances are you’re going to be learning a lot about your own soul during the time this full moon is present.


If you’re a Scorpio, this full moon is going to remind you that nothing happens overnight. You must be patient if you want to get where you think you belong in life. You have to put in the work if you want the payoff, period.


This full moon for Sagittarius people is going to show them that they need to open their eyes more. You’re going to be working to understand the people in your life and why they do the things they do. Sure, they have things in common with you but at the end of the day you are completely different people, aren’t you?


The full moon before you is going to have you being more serious than usual. You’re going to be looking for love in all of the wrong places and taking things to heart that you shouldn’t be. Honestly, this moon could be a very painful one for Capricorns.


The moon before you as an Aquarius is one that has you feeling excited. You’re going to be letting your emotions guide you and working within to address memories and things of that nature that you normally avoid. Let go and work through these issues so that you can move forth more properly.


This full moon for the Pisces is going to work through some karmic debts. If you’ve got something you need to deal with, now is going to be the time for exactly that. You can’t just keep pushing these kinds of things to the back of your mind and this moon will reassure you of that in big ways.