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Both the Uranus retrograde and Blue Moon in Aquarius are taking place this weekend. And these events are going to set the stage for a MAJOR energetic shift that will leave no zodiac sign untouched.

On August 22nd, the second full moon of Leo season will be showing up and showing out, causing it to be referred to as a ‘seasonal blue moon.’ It will occur in Aquarius, as the last one did, which will only add to the intensity of the event. And if the last full moon left you feeling as though something was unfinished- now is the time to revisit those themes.

Of course, this full moon will affect us all differently. However, don’t count on it leaving any particular sign untouched and unimpacted. Take a look at what the Blue Moon in Aquarius has in store for your sign below.


Aries will likely be feeling a bit antsy during this time, leading them to yearn for an escape. Take this time to take a day trip, visit a new restaurant, or get away from your daily juggle to find a bit of freedom. Even the slightest escape may help to clear your mind and help you prepare for the upcoming month.


Major career changes are taking place for you Taurus. You may be finding yourself growing more comfortable and competent in your current field of work, or even seeking to grow your career path. Whatever your goals are, you likely will feel more on the correct path than ever before. Just be wary of who you tell your victories to not everyone is in your court.


Gemini signs are likely to be blooming with optimism after the Gemini Solar eclipse helped them to clear out stagnant energy and regroup earlier this year. Now, you have your eyes set on your goals, and nothing can stop you now. Take time to refocus, to mark off the achievements you set out for earlier this year, and add new ones to the list. Your mind is likely rushing with ideas, so just take time to get them out on paper so you can get them done!


And while Gemini has shaken off the stagnant energy, Cancer signs may begin to feel a bit stagnant and fed up with conventional attitudes. Even though you desire to be close and intimate with others, you may become guarded if trust issues arise. Try something new with your partner to shake things up and break up the monotony.


Happy Birthday! It’s your season, and you are likely feeling to need to focus on yourself and your current path. Are your actions aligned with who you are becoming? If not, it may be time to shake things up and say goodbye to what hinders you and stay open to what helps you grow.


If you are feeling the urge to help or fix everyone you love- it’s time to take a step back, Virgo. Try to remember we are all on different paths and at different stages in our lives. It’s one thing to help encourage someone you love- but their load is not yours to bear. Right now, the energy surrounding you is all about transformation, so focusing on your well-being is very important right now.


Libra will likely see their romantic and hyper-sensual sides come out to play during this time. And while they are hyper-sensual by nature, most Libras are not the best at creatively expressing their emotions. Show your partner how much you care by doing something special for them, or take yourself out and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!


Scorpios will find a sense of urgency and focus on improving their career. The past year has been exhausting- and there is still so much left to do. If you find yourself idling out a bit too much, strive to find a balance between idle time and work time. You don’t want to overwork yourself- but you also don’t need to spend too much idle time, or else you may end up feeling a bit ungrounded.


You may be feeling a sense of urgency in communicating your emotions and feelings to others. This urgency could end up benefiting you immensely, as long as you can air it out in a productive way. Just be careful not to say anything you don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Contemplate what needs to be said, and let it out in a way you feel comfortable with.


Transformation in the realms of material and finance will be happening during this time for Capricorns, and if you are thinking more about these things, try not to get too money hungry. You may find yourself clinging too tightly to your belongings and becoming a bit sentimental. Be careful with this mentality, and learn to let go when need be.


It will be easy to get caught up in your emotions or your logic during this time, and striving to find a balance may prove difficult. While Aquarians are wonderful with showing compassion to others, your air-sign vibes may end up getting the best of you. Don’t get caught up in your thoughts and continue to hold down a good balance between thinking and feeling during this time.


Pisces, you are going to be feeling super spiritual during this time. Take advantage of this by taking some alone time to contemplate your spiritual path. Seek solace during the chaos, because you need the healing more than ever.