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I know, it might not be as talked about as some of the other retrogrades, but Mars is a planet that holds a lot of power when moving backward as well. This planet is one that we should pay more attention to.

Mars for those who do not know was retrograding from around September 9th, 2020 to November 13th, 2020. This retrograde had us all over the place and really throw some of us through the gutters in many ways. Overall it was worth the growth we found but now that Mars is back to normal, and we’ve allowed the energies it held to relax a bit things are changing once again.

Below I am going to go over some of what Mars has going on for each zodiac sign right now and while some of these things may seem small, they are all important. The more we know about the things going on in the celestial world the more we also know about ourselves. Now that we’re in 2021, there is a lot coming out way.


Mars as of late has you taking the time to make the most of the days before you. You’re slowing down and working to relax a bit more. This is what you’ve been needing.


Mars overall has been running you through a lot lately but now that things are changing you feel much less intense. You’re able to get more done and work harder without feeling overwhelmed which is always a good thing in your eyes. For awhile there you thought you were going to explode, but you made it through just fine.


Mars is going to be showing you that you need to keep working towards your goals. Giving up is not an option for you anymore, and you can see that plain as day. The more you get done the further you will get in life and perhaps in love.


Mars for the most part has you feeling like you’re doing well. You can see that you’re making progress finally and are able to take in everything before you. That being said, you have to make sure you don’t trip up and fall back into bad habits.


Mars is going to help you find yourself in more ways than you could ever imagine very soon. It is going to show you parts of who you are that you never knew existed. I know, this sounds cliché but it’s still quite true.


The planet Mars is going to help you nurture things within. You’re going to be getting along with others better and really putting your love life first. Perhaps romance is going to be sparking back up between you and someone special.


The Mars energies before us right now are going to have you being more honest and open. You’re going to be showing the world who you are and really holding your own. While this might seem out of character for you, it feels pretty damn right.


Mars is going to be pushing you to worry more but with good reason. You’re doing things right now that you shouldn’t be doing. You need change and you need it as soon as possible. Doing toxic things won’t make you feel better in the long-run, you know this.


Mars energies are going to show you that you have a lot more to offer than you want to admit. You find yourself stuck quite often, but it’s not for the reasons you’re seeing. Things are not always what we make them out to be.


Mars for you might be something that quiets you down and shows you that you need to hold back a bit. While you aren’t one to stand tall and make noise you are someone who knows when to speak up. However, that in itself might be changing.


Mars for you is going to show you that you need to dive into things you love. You deserve to have some fun too. Stop holding back.


Mars for this sign will be showing you that getting things done doesn’t mean you have to give up having fun. You can do both and do both well at that. Just believe in yourself and make sure you’re working towards a proper goal.