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In October (2020), there will be 2 full moons, and the first one of those 2 will be the harvest moon on the 1st. This moon is one that holds a lot of power over us and well, it’s going to be interesting in a lot of ways.

This full moon is going to be bringing out a lot of chaos to our lives in many ways. During the time it is present many of us will be breaking free and really working to release tension in our lives. While that is a great thing, it could also burn a lot of bridges we otherwise would not be burning.

Below I am going to be going over what this moon means for each zodiac sign and well, while some of it might feel crazy it’s all-important to be aware of. As we move forth things are going to get a little crazy. While some of these things might be a little off, overall they will be pretty useful moving forward regardless of how they end up playing out.


For the Aries, this moon is going to make you realize that as of late your life has not been going as planned. A lot of things have been falling through and you’re all mixed up inside. While there is nothing wrong with feeling like this sometimes, you need to slow down and this moon isn’t going to give you any time for that.


The full moon might not feel like much to you, but it is going to be influencing you heavily. Stop trying so hard to get things done and spend some of your time relaxing a bit. You need to take some time for yourself and get your own ducks in a row before you start worrying about other people, period.


You’ve been going through a lot lately and this full moon is added fuel to the fire. Use the energies before you to help you see yourself in a better light and perhaps putting your creative side to use might benefit you now. You’re in serious need of change and you’re feeling a lot of tension when it comes to your romantic life but that doesn’t mean you should make any decisions just yet.


I know, things feel weird right now but you need to learn how to deal with all of that on your own. You’re someone who tends to rely on others more than you should and now is the moment to change that. Stop being so harsh and really try your best to hold your own.


This full moon might have you acting out of character. You could end up feeling as though the spotlight at least for now isn’t something you want and that’s fine. Let things play out and work to find balance in your life more properly.


If you’ve been wanting to let your feelings out now is the chance. You bottle a lot of things up but this could be your chance to really tell those who use you how it is. You’re not a toy and you need to make that clear, point-blank.


You may find that this full moon pulls you away from some people you thought were very important. If you need to take time for yourself do it. Not everyone who is in your life is meant to be there forever and letting that sink in might be hard.


Tensions will be pretty high during this moon’s presence and it’s going to help guide you to really see what you need to let go of. Right now is the time for you to bring your strength to the table and handle things that come forth. While it won’t be easy, it is something you are capable of.


This full moon is something that will really bring out the worst in you. You’re going to be dealing with past emotions and as a result, hurting people in your life. You really need to stop setting things up to fail, you’re causing a lot of trouble for yourself without much reason.


The moon were about to face is going to be breaking things apart in your life and it’s going to bring a lot of focus on areas you are struggling to get a real hold on. While you need to figure things out and get some answers, you shouldn’t be putting yourself in the way of others to protect their falls. While you’re feeling inspired, things are not always what they seem.


This moon is going to be telling you that there is a lot that needs to be done. Drama and gossip need to be things you let go of. You’ve been really holding back in serious ways and this moon isn’t going to allow that to continue happening, period.


You’ve been feeling down and out lately but that in itself is about to change. Let go of your romantic stresses for now and focus on things that matter more. Love isn’t going to be something that can or will fix you. You have to be willing to work on yourself first, above all else.