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In this world, negative energies are all around us, and they are affecting our lives whether we are aware of them or not. Working to understand their presence more and combat them in our day-to-day cycles is important.

Both negative and positive energies are born every single day. They come from the way we feel, things we do, and how we allow the people around us to influence our lives. The more we work with the positive to ward off the negative the better we will feel. However, all too often we ignore the negative and allow it to set up a home in our lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and really drained then chances are you have negative energies before you that need clearing.

You can move through this world realistically and comfortably without feeding into the negativity before you but in order to do that, you have to make yourself aware of it. While both positive and negative energies are important and hold their own meanings and lessons figuring out a way to balance them that works for you is crucial for making the most of the time you have here on Earth. Now, when it comes to negative energies that are feeding off of your personal energy meditation is often a good place to start combating them. 

You could meditate in order to transmute those negative energies into positive ones or practice white light meditation to prevent them from zapping your energies as a whole. Personally, I do both and have noticed a huge change in how I feel as I get through each day. I do this before I leave out of the house and just as I am returning. This in the hope that I am able to prevent negative energies from invading my home. 

When negative energies have taken a serious hold on you, you’re not going to have as much energy as you would otherwise. You will feel very down on your luck and have a serious lack of motivation. Everything will feel much heavier than it actually is and in some cases, the smallest things might set you off. When this is happening in your life smudging your home and trying to really let go of the stagnant or negative energies that you’ve been holding onto is a must.

If you come across someone who immediately makes you feel as if you’re being drained or like their vibe isn’t a good one you should also work to limit your contact with them as the more you put into them the more there will take from your personal energies as a whole. These people are what we call energy vampires, and they feed off of our positivity if we allow them to. Subconsciously your being will try to warn you of their presence but if you’re not listening to your intuitive side, you might miss the memo.

According to MindValley, if you’re feeling negatively more often than not you’re probably allowing these forces to take hold in your life. You might experience headaches, stomachaches, nervousness, tension, or even confusion depending on how long things end up playing out. You see, if we’re not filtering these things out they build up and present themselves in ways that we tend to consider quite unsavory.

If you feel like drama follows you everywhere, you’re never happy, you are a Debbie Downer, and you’re always blaming yourself for the things that are happening around you, you are likely being affected big time by negative energies. That having been said you can turn this around. Below you will find a video that holds all you need to know about getting rid of or clearing negative energies from your life. It holds some of the best tips for truly working to fight negative energies off as a whole.