Have you ever noticed that when an eclipse occurs it usually happens close to another? It’s as if they occur in pairs.

Eclipses always follow cycles and because of this, there tends to be a lunar eclipse on the full moon and a solar eclipse on the new moon. They are actually much more common than you might think but they are all the while extremely powerful. The time period in-between one eclipse to another be it total or partial is known as an Eclipse Gateway.

The Eclipse Gateway is usually only a mere two week period and really allows us to engage fully with the energetic world. Eclipses work to accelerate the things going on within our lives and that period in-between them is like a rollercoaster of events. It pushes us forward and really triggers all of the needed changes without our lives.

Now, when the gateway is between two of the same kind of eclipse’s it is much more powerful that does not mean the gateways between a solar/lunar or vice versa is impotent. Tension that has been building will really explode out of you during the gateway. Letting that energy play out will really make a huge difference within your life.

The energies that you will feel during the time of an Eclipse Gateway will have you feeling stressed and confused but with reason. It will be as if something is being pulled out of you and anything you have locked away will come to the surface. Hidden truths and feelings will no longer be hidden.

During the time of a gateway, you will be going through a lot. It will feel like a shift of some kind really laying things out for you. During this time you will work to come to terms with all that is before you and all that is to come.

There are going to be quite a few gateways this year and we are actually currently in one right now, it won’t be over until the eclipse of July 27th occurs but that in itself because of the trio before us will trigger another gateway period. That gateway period will not be over until August 11th but from there we will not have anything to worry about until January in regards.

There is a lot more to an Eclipse Gateway than you might think. Don’t let it overwhelm you, this will pass and you will grow from it.


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