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As we move forth we’re headed towards the solar eclipse on June 21st. This event will finally be able to push the eclipse gateway open that our June 5th lunar eclipse wedged forth. 

While the lunar eclipse of June 5th is over and done with, its energies are still here. Those energies mixing with the energies this up and coming solar eclipse has to offer will really bring out a lot in each of us. As this gateway truly opens up the end of June itself is going to be quite mind-blowing for each and every one of us. 

We will all be more willing to free ourselves and working hard to break the molds this world has placed before us. Some of us are going to be feeling very much out of place while others are going to be working hard to find their truths within. This whole ordeal is going to be full of lessons that we need to learn, but they will all bring forth a lot of growth as time passes. 

This gateway is one that does not open often as we do not see two eclipses like this be it one lunar and one solar frequently at all. The month of June has been full of interesting celestial events and well, we’re nowhere near done just yet. During this time you should really work hard to be as open-minded as possible because nothing is going to be as it seems during this period. 

Right now we’re feeling pretty mixed up inside because of the lunar eclipse we just faced and as we continue to press forward things are really going to ramp up. The lunar eclipse brought tension and the solar will bring clarity really allowing us to see things as they are rather than how we wish they were. That however for some might be a hard pill to swallow. 

Right now if you’re energy sensitive I’m sure you’re feeling pretty out of whack and that’s understandable. Don’t let these energies overwhelm you. Feel free to take a step back if you need to. Taking things one step at a time right now will be crucial in all of this. 

Finding balance when energies like these are before you won’t be easy but it is something you’re capable of. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re destined for so much more than you realize.