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We can get along with narcissists sometimes but at the end of the day, they are still manipulative. Narcissists might come on different levels and some might be worse than others but overall they should be avoided.

Narcissistic people are for those who do not know are people who tend to have a lack of empathy that needs and seeks the admiration of others. They are usually very self-centered and egocentric as well as being quite prominent in the world of gaslighting. They might be facing a mental health issue through this in itself but that doesn’t mean they deserve your time and efforts if they are hurting you.

Relationships with these kinds of people do not work because they beat us down. They do their best to make us feel like we are not good enough to be around them, and they turn all of their own faults around on us. The more we try to please them the more apparent it becomes that pleasing them is impossible.

Narcissists work hard to make us unable to trust ourselves and cut us off from the people who care the most about us. As we allow this to progress we find that we are quite alone in this world. The more we allow them to cut us off from our support systems the more damaged and lonely we become.

Relationships with this kind of person can be very toxic because they go out of their way to make them that way. They know that through the psychological manipulation and emotional abuse they put you through they can gain control over you and since they don’t really have much empathy overall, they don’t care about your well-being or the state they end up leaving you in once all is said and done. They truly think that they are better than you and well, everyone else. You need to keep these things in mind.

The more time we spend with and more we allow these kinds of people in our lives the more dangerous they become. They begin to rule our minds and essentially force us to lose sight of who we are. They will hover, pick you apart, build you up just to tear you down, and play with you in some of the most unexpected ways.

Toxic relationships come in many forms and you really need to pay attention to how someone changes as you get closer to them. Are they becoming better or growing worse? When the mask comes off and their true colors come out, are they still someone you feel deserves your time and effort?

For more information on this kind of thing please check out the video below. You should never allow these people power in your life. You are your own person and keeping your distance could easily be the best thing you’ve ever done in regards. Narcissists are inherently toxic when they’re actually true narcissists, know your worth and avoid them.