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Unless you have ever owned a pet, you most likely will never understand the amazing and immensely deep bond between human and animal. While people will leave you, ignore you, and selfishly put you on the backburner, your sweet four-legged companion will always be by your side, and according to science, they can even read our thoughts.

When I have had a rough day, and come home, upset, crying, and ready to call it quits, my pets seemingly understand how I feel without me ever saying a word. As the tears trickle down my cheeks, my sweet fur babies lick away my tears, and while they probably can’t understand the words I say, they innately understand how I am feeling.

And while for quite some time, I thought this was just something I had imagined, a renegade British biologist known as Rupert Sheldrake says that there is something much deeper and more paranormal than most would like to acknowledge.

In an amazingly deep interview with Scientific American, Sheldrake explains that this telepathic bond is caused by what he refers to as morphic fields. Because dogs are strongly bonded to us, they can sense when we are coming home, and in various experiments, some even wait by doors for their owners.

In his experiment that is described in his book Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, he explains that this phenomenon is due to a transfer of information that takes place over space and time.

Similar to how dogs can sense danger, they also can sense our feelings. As we all know, we are all composed of matter. Because of this, our cells communicate with one another, because on a grand scale we are all connected. If you have yet to experience this bond, I highly suggest getting a pet, especially a dog.