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On December 4, we will be blessed with not only a new moon, but the solar eclipse that’s pairing up with it. With both of these events being focused around new beginnings and transformation, so needless to say, major changes are coming.

The new moon represents new beginnings and fresh starts, and many spiritualists use this time as a time to set new intentions for the coming moon cycle. To add to the energy, and help us focus our intentions, even more, the sign the new moon falls under provides an additional focus. Sagittarius is all about expansion, growth, and letting go of stagnation. And while that would be enough to truly set the stage for a new beginning, this new moon is also bringing a solar eclipse.

Just last month, we were blessed with a lunar eclipse, and since eclipses come in pairs that correspond to one another, as well as the last eclipse that took place under its sign. For example, since this eclipse is falling under the sign of Sagittarius, it is going to be bringing a cycle to an end that started in May 2020, when the Sagittarius-Gemini eclipse cycle started.

If you think back to May 2020, it’s likely something was going on in your life that is currently either resurfacing or still mingling into the present time. This eclipse is giving us a chance to find a fresh start and to truly transform our lives. Eclipses are often thought of as portals that bring fated events that are meant to transform our lives and push us towards growth.

Additionally, Neptune just recently went direct after going retrograde for some time. Since Neptune ties into our spiritual mind, if you’ve had a hard time finding your place over the past few months, you are likely able to see more clearly now.

Take advantage of that clarity and this fresh start to set your intentions and finally let go of what is holding you back. The energy surrounding this event is going to be about letting go or being pushed, so either you can work with the energy of the universe or it will find a way to emerge in your life regardless. And it’s much better to take advantage of it and to use it for your benefit.