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Becoming spiritually awake is a very important aspect of life and it is a process that can be quite amazing but there are some aspects of it most don’t even mention. Not everything about becoming awake is as fun and inviting as you think.

Do you think loving those who hurt us and moving on from things we dwelled on for years is easy? Becoming awake disconnects us from everything around us. It tears the world apart in our minds and peels us from everything we thought we knew. When we become more awake reality hits us like a ton of bricks.

We are forced to address everything we have been hiding from, and we are slapped into expanding. It is like opening the floodgates and expecting to still be able to stand, the current is going to drag you away whether you want it to or not. Once you become spiritually awakened you cannot ignore anything you would have ignored before.

You have to face your flaws, your negative aspects, and everything you have done in this life. You have to learn who you are and who you want to become. You have to really unlock all of the inner compartments of yourself. While most assume becoming spiritually awake is the goal you finally reach it is nothing but a mere milestone. There is still so much more to continue working towards even then. While becoming spiritually awake is quite rewarding and the good does outweigh the bad, some people cannot handle it.

Some people begin searching and find something they did not want to find. Those people give up and live in a rut for the rest of their lives. Once you commit to becoming awake you must continue forward. Quitting is not an option, getting stuck is a terrible outcome.

You have to be prepared to find things you don’t want to face and still be able to face them all the same. Becoming more spiritually awake is no walk in the park. For most, it is one of the hardest things they will ever do in this life. That being said, do not underestimate yourself, you can do it. For more information on this, please check out the video below.

Just because you hear more about the good sides to spiritual awakening does not mean the dark side is nonexistent. It is still very real and can be more than most are able to deal with. Do you really want to become more and can you handle it?