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While on the Myers-Briggs scale there are 16 personalities overall, about 8 of them are considered as being introverted. These are the ones that tend to be most misunderstood in my book.

Below I am going to go over the ‘shadow’ or ‘dark’ side of each introverted Myers-Briggs personality type. While not all of us realize these things on our own, they are important to be aware of. If you belong to one of these introverted Myers-Briggs types, the more you know about the darker side of things the better you will be at getting to properly know yourself.

The ‘Dark Side’ Of Each Introverted Myers-Briggs Personality Type:


The ISTJ is a very interesting personality. While they are quite known as Logisticians and do everything in a way that you’d consider as being quite methodical, they do have their rough moments. This personality is stubborn, insensitive, and tends to give no room for flexibility.


The INFJ is a personality that holds a lot of creativity and tends to be very passionate. For a lot of reasons people really adore INFJ people, but they aren’t all roses and daisies. Some things the dark side of this personality type holds are how avoiding they are and how much they crave perfection in a world that is absent of exactly that.


The ISFJ is known as being quite powerful in how they present themselves but that’s not all that there is to them. Sure, they’re reliable, but they are also quite shy, unwilling to express themselves, and also tend to be pretty closed off with the people who love them the most. Overall, because of how they tend to act they take things far too personally.


The INTJ is a personality type that tends to stand out in ways that others don’t. People with this type are very rational and usually hold their own more-so than others would. That being said, they too have dark sides to their personalities as a whole. They are very arrogant, critical, and usually love picking a fight.


The ISTP is a personality type that is quite adaptable. Those with it are able to do a wide range of things and for that are usually quite sought after by others. However, some of the bad things about them are how reserved they are and how insensitive they can be. Their dark side shows in how they don’t open up properly. They are often bored with everything around them and well, they’re not as caring as you might want them to be.


The ISFP is a personality type that goes out on the edge often. Those with this one are usually quite free people who don’t want to be held back, in any way. That being said, the dark side of this type can be hard to swallow. People of this type are usually pretty unpredictable, full of stress, and well far too competitive for their own good.


The INTP is a type that most people are not a part of but really is quite interesting to come across in others. While the people in this type usually are pretty private people and don’t know how to deal with their feelings or the feelings of others, they are also pretty honest and open-minded. Overall, their dark side isn’t as dark as that of others.


The INFP is a personality type that usually brings a lot of clarity to the people around him/her. You often spend a lot of time helping others and typically don’t close yourself off as much as one might expect. However, when it comes to your dark side you are pretty critical with yourself and you don’t like to let people get to know the real you.