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Our current year number is 3 as 2019 broken down makes up exactly that. While this year number is one that many people consider to be positive and quite beneficial, it has a dark side that everyone needs to be aware of.

While the current year is about halfway through, we are still nowhere near done with the energies to come. Chances are you’ve already found yourself taking the spotlight and really working to express yourself in new ways. Sure, you have your own fears and you’re not the most efficient person but you’re success oriented and headed down a path you find to be one that will only serve you in a positive manner.

During the months to come, you will be forced out of your comfort zone and pushed to make courageous moves into the unknown. The adverse energies before us are not going to be here to hold us back but to also sling us into the future. This kind of thing is a reminder that regardless of how good we think we have it or how much progress we feel we are making, there is always something more that can be done.

Creative Numerology wrote as follows in regards:

The 3 Year emphasizes independence within loving relationships. This is not a contradiction, but an opportunity to love deeply without constantly worrying about what others think. The more you approve of yourself and do what you want to do, the more others will accept you as you are because they will be witnessing the astonishing beauty that comes with authentic confidence. When this inner beauty is expressed outwardly, it is so hard to resist. 3 is the energy of attraction and charisma.

Displays of false confidence, (keeping up appearances), cannot work in the 3 Year. Pretending you are happy or fearless is an impossible role to maintain and eventually becomes painfully apparent by a conspicuous lack of personal satisfaction. The 3 Year makes it clear that you do not require the approval of others.

Observe the three-sided or triangular nature of your relationships. Friction will arise if you try to keep or connect certain individuals who do not belong in the same set of circumstances or social framework. By trying to please one, you may be upsetting another. All you can do is please yourself first and allow others to decide for themselves who their friends are.

This year is not over and we all need to keep that in mind. Perhaps ending friendships and cutting ties with those who are no longer serving you properly would do you some good. While the number 3 is a number full of confidence, it does not have all of the answers you might be looking for. This year is still going to be quite a bumpy ride.

However, since the worst parts of the year have already passed, things are about to die down a bit. If you’ve been wanting to step forward and move into something fresh and unique, now is the time. Perhaps you can make the most out of the remaining months of 2019.

To learn more about numerology and this year please take a peek at the video below. Are you working with the energies before you or against them? What is to come in the weeks we are about to meet?