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On February 14th of this year, Black Moon Lillith entered into Sagittarius. Since then, we have been in her reign of pure, raw, sexual power.

Lilith represents to many a need to break free from current chains holding us back. Her entrance into Saggitarius adds a spirit of adventure to the situation that can aid us on our journeys to freedom. According to astrology, Black Moon Lillith was Adam’s first wife before Eve. As the legend goes, she was cast out of Eden for not being sexually submissive.

Furthermore, Lilith rules seduction, unleashed female power, sexuality, orgasms, women’s rights, abortion, and witchcraft.

Psychologically, Black Moon Lilith represents the hidden aspects of our true selves. Of course, because of that, since February 14th we may have all struggled a bit with who we truly are. (Forbidden urges and all.)

Sagittarius is a sign that doesn’t hold back, either, especially when there is a cause to pursue.  Lilith in Sagittarius is fiercely independent and her need to exercise her feminine power is great.

Due to Saggitarius ruling over religion and profits, Lilith in Sagittarius is a symbol of the Feminine Goddess. She is a leader and a searcher for truth.

While BML in Scorpio may have stirred up past secrets, in Sagittarius it is on full display.

However, be careful with how you pursue your interests while Lilith is in Sag because her vengeance can come hard and her sheer power can bitch slap you into oblivion if you aren’t careful. Instead, let anger fuel your endeavors into the unknown and let Lilith guide you through your soul-finding journey to battle oppression and sexual discontent.