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The new moon for October (27th) is almost here and with that, some signs should be expecting more than others. Whether your sign is going to be getting a lot of what this new moon has to offer or a mere look inside, things are going to be a bit chaotic at best.

Below I am going to go over the five signs who will be getting the best things that this new moon has to offer. While not everyone will appreciate these things as they come forth, in time everything will make sense. This new moon in Scorpio is going to be extremely forgiving to these specific signs and perhaps we will soon learn why. Don’t be concerned if your sign doesn’t make the list, the rest of the zodiac can also benefit from this new moon if they work to keep themselves properly grounded and do not fight the energies to come.


This new moon for those born under the sign Taurus is going to bring great change. The Taurus is finally going to begin seeing the world as it is rather than how he/she would like for it to be. While there will be some uncomfortable truths as a result, people of this sign will really become quite content through the whole experience.


This new moon is not going to be enough to save the Cancer but it will remind him/her how important self-worth is. As a cancer, you let other people take advantage of you far too often. All of that needs to change and without accepting your truth first it’s never going to happen. People born under this sign are going to be finding happiness through really working on themselves.


This new moon is going to make you really come to terms with a lot. You as a Scorpio tend to worry too much and never let yourself shine in the ways you truly want to. Those born under this sign are really going to be trying new things and evolving into the best possible versions of themselves during this new moon.


This new moon is going to be something special for the Capricorn. If you were born under this sign you’re going to be really taking a step back and trying to let go of all the clutter within your life. Stop allowing the people around you to try and control you. Be large and in charge when it comes to your own life and make the decisions you’ve been wanting to make. This new moon is a serious chance for you to take your own personal power back.


This new moon is going to really make the Pisces question who he or she is. Those born under this sign are going to spend some of their time during this whole ordeal really looking for something important to do. They feel like they need to take on something new and this new moon is going to provide them with exactly that.