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On October 6, the new moon in Libra will arrive, starting a cycle of balance for five lucky zodiac signs. Throughout the year, we’ve all experienced many changes and transitions, and the energy of this moon is all about stabilizing the chaos.

Each month (roughly 28 days) we experience a new moon, which is the beginning of a new moon cycle. New moons are all about fresh opportunities, new beginnings, and starting over. Each moon phase gets the additional energy of the zodiac sign it arrives in, and this particular cycle is in Libra.

Libra is the sign of partnerships, diplomacy, and above all balance. What will her energy lend you during this time? If you are lucky, one of your signs will be on the list below.


It’s Libra season, and the spotlight is on you Libra. And you are getting a special present, with a get out of cosmic jail-free card. While many others may be struggling with the Mercury retrograde, this time you are thriving. And after a chaotic year of immense change and transformation, the energy of this new moon couldn’t come at a better time.


This new moon will fall into your sixth house of wellness, which will likely be pushing you to shake things up to find balance in your health and wellness routines. While at first, this urge may seem to push you in a chaotic direction- trust it, because this push is exactly what you need to finally get comfortable again in your routines.


The new moon cycle will have you striving for joy, romance, and self-expression. Don’t fight it- you deserve a break and to take a step back and enjoy the things you’ve worked so hard for the key is balance, and to achieve it, you have to allow yourself some love.


This moon cycle is going to be all about balance in your financial life, Virgo. You may feel the urge to redesign your budget or to bring in new clients for your business. Whatever the urge is, if it’s financial, and if it stabilizes you- use it to your advantage.


It’s time to recharge your batteries, Scorpio. As this new moon lands in your 12th house of spirituality, you will feel drawn to heal yourself, take some time of introspection and reassess what does and doesn’t serve you. If you’ve been holding onto negative energy, allow this new moon cycle to help you release it, and to harmonize before the full moon.