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On November 19, we will experience the longest eclipse of the century. And while the event is going to be beautiful, it’s also going to shake things up, especially for these 5 signs.

Astrologically speaking, this eclipse is going to occur in Taurus, during the full moon cycle. Since both will be in Taurus, this eclipse cycle is going to be the beginning of an entirely new cycle. Eclipses come in pairs, with each coming from an opposing sign, so with this one being in Taurus, we should expect another to come that will be in Scorpio.

Taurus and Scorpio are complete opposites- with Taurus being a very fixed sign, who is resistant to change, and Scorpio who is all about transformation. And eclipses are all about transformation, as they push us into new cycles in our life. For this one, we will begin to challenge our sense of security, and this is going to be different for each of us based on our zodiac sign.

With that being said, this eclipse may be a bit more intense for the following signs.


With the eclipse falling under this sign, it’s no surprise that it will impact Taurus the most. And since you are so resistant to change, and transformation, you may feel tempted to fight against the energy surrounding the eclipse. Unfortunately, eclipses bring fated events to the surface, so no matter how hard you resist change, it’s coming.


Even though you are a sucker for transformation, this eclipse is going to be in your opposing sign’s energy. Because of that, you may be feeling as though everything you do feels challenging or makes you feel as though blocks are standing in your way. The best thing to do is not fight yourself or the blocks and instead, get creative with how you overcome them.


During this time, you are going to feel a major push to focus on your career. This focus may come in the form of pushing you to get that promotion you’ve worked so hard for, or even looking for additional career opportunities if yours is stagnant and unrewarding. Above all, you are beginning to feel the need for change and to get the most from your career/ life.


A major transformation is coming your way in regards to family and connection. Since the connection is so important to you, it may be hard to come to terms with something that is not working within your current relationships, pushing you to expand your social circle. Whether this happens because of a major family problem that surfaces, or a friend that wasn’t who they said they were, this is going to be a very intense time for you.


Oh, Pisces. Everything is going to be out of whack for you during this time. As a natural empath, you are going to be feeling the struggles of others, while simultaneously handling your struggles. This intense combination of events, including unexpected and fated events, is going to make things difficult- but the good news is, every transformation that happens during this time happens to push you to a better place in life.