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Out of all of the full moons we have each year, the harvest moon is my favorite, for many reasons. Not only does it mark the nearing of fall (thank goodness!) it also is under the sign of Pisces, making it especially important for our spiritual journey.

As we make our way into Virgo season, we can rest assured of at least one fact: the Harvest moon will soon be upon us. On September 10, we will encounter this full moon that will bring us even closer to our spiritual side. Pisces is a sign that is known for its sensitivity and its spiritual attunement. The full moon is a time of culmination and of diving deep, and when these two come together, there couldn’t be a more magical moon.

It might seem odd that I have also referred to it as the harvest moon, but the reason for that is due to the ancient native tribes in North America. Typically, the moons were named after what was happening during that time of year. The harvest moon is aptly named because September is the time in which many elder tribes would harvest the rewards of their hard work.

Additionally, this moon coincides pretty closely with the Autumnal equinox, which is thought to bring balance and restore any energetic entanglements. In turn, it’s thought that the Harvest moon provides a clean slate and is a time to begin again. If you’ve ever stepped outside into the first days of the cool Autumn air, then it’s likely you know exactly how true this is.

Regardless, this is a time to truly tune into yourself. Don’t be afraid to take some downtime and truly get in touch with who you are. Meditation can be so beneficial under a full moon because the energy will reveal exactly what it is that you are needing to focus on. The Pisces moon does just that and more.

During this time, it’s likely you will be feeling quite sensitive, both intuitively and emotionally, due to Pisces’ energy. You may pick up on things from others that you typically wouldn’t, and it’s also highly likely that you will be feeling highly engaged with your spiritual journey. Pay attention to signs from the universe, pushing you where you need to be. And additionally, it’s a good time to manifest, so pay extra attention to how you are using the law of attraction. The energy we are aligning with is often what we manifest, so keep that in mind when protecting and preserving your energetic pool.