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On December 19th, we will encounter the full cold moon in Gemini. And while all full moons provide us with a special and unique energetic focus, this one is going to push us in a new direction that will align us deeply with our truth.

This particular full moon is going to mark the beginning of a new cycle. According to Café Astrology, “The Gemini Moon exactly opposes the Sagittarius Sun. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”. A Gemini Moon encourages us to think logically, while Sagittarius persuades us to think in a far broader manner. Sagittarius symbolizes the quest for meaning and ideas that expand upon the here and now.”

To take this a step further, Gemini is typically comfortable and secure in its environments. On the contrary, Sagittarius craves adventure. Both sides of this coin are necessary for our growth.

Full moon energy is all about manifesting important goals, touching base with ourselves on an intuitive level, and finding peace amid our inner chaos.

Since Gemini is an air sign, this full moon is going to put us in alignment without our thoughts and our mindsets. Gemini is also a deeply communicative sign that years for connection and deep talks with others. During this time, a great focus would be to manifest deeper connections in your friendships, family relationships, and partnerships with romantic interests.

Air sign energy can often end up making us get a bit lost in our thoughts, or feeling ungrounded. Due to this, now is not the time to hold back how you feel or get lost too deeply in your mind. Instead, work towards finding a way to express how you feel healthily and productively. Otherwise, your thoughts might get carried away from you.

As the emotional energy of the moon itself emerges into our path, it’s important to decipher between thoughts and emotions to find your truth and also to express your feelings rationally.

And with Geminis energy surrounding all things intellectual and concerning our thought and logic, it is also a great time to focus on learning something new, or finally taking the steps towards furthering your education or training on something new for your career.

It’s important during this time to tune into and draw awareness to your thoughts. Mindfulness exercises and meditations are great, especially if you are trying to manifest a particular goal so that you can stay on track and also be aware of any messages that emerge intuitively.