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On May 15, we will encounter a total lunar eclipse and a pretty rare blood moon. The energy associated with a blood moon eclipse is that of closing the doors on certain chapters of our lives, and opening ourselves to new ones.

Not all eclipses are a blood moon. A blood moon occurs when the conditions of a total lunar eclipse are just right, which results in the moon taking on a deep red color during the eclipse. For a total lunar eclipse to occur, it has to be a full moon.

Why Is This Blood Moon The Best of The Century?

So why is 2022’s blood moon the best? It’s the longest prime-time total lunar eclipse on the West Coast of the US in our century. This lunar eclipse will last for 84 minutes, plenty of time to contemplate in awe and lift a glass to our reddened moon and toast her.

Astrology Of The Blood Moon Eclipse

This particular full moon is going to take place in Scorpio, which is a sign that is known for its depth. Scorpio energy pushes us to look within and to pay attention to our spirit during this time. Scorpio is also a transformative sign-one that is quickly able to shed its skin and come back anew. And because eclipses are times of transformation and fated change, this is going to be an energetically fueled time.

All of us hold on to parts of ourselves and can be resistant to change because change is scary. What are some aspects of this life that you continue to cling to, despite what you know is necessary to grow and transform?

Right now is the perfect time to re-evaluate old habits, think about whatever it is that you are refusing to let go of, and finally empower yourself to let go.

We are surrounded by proof that transformation is not only possible, but necessary. Think of the world around us, which dies, and then is reborn and springs right back, oftentimes more beautiful than before.

During the eclipse, we are pushed to focus on these cycles of rebirth that are present within our own lives. Oftentimes, stages of our life come to a close, to make way for new cycles and stages. It doesn’t make it any easier to accept this change, but since these fated changes are beyond our control, we must find a way to come to terms with them on our own.

In the weeks before the eclipse, this energy will steadily build. You will likely see themes arising from the last lunar eclipse of last year. Pay attention to any transformational moments, or any crossroads that may appear in the meantime. These will give you hints as to what is to come.

Eclipses create pathways from one chapter to the next, and because Mars and Neptune are also aligning during this eclipse, many of the themes around this eclipse are likely to cause major spiritual transformation in our lives.

Listen to what your spirit is saying to you throughout this process. We are on the verge of major change.