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On April 30, we will encounter a black moon eclipse. Black moons are considered to be especially rare, and this energy will impact all of us differently.

A black moon is when two new moons happen in the span of a month. This moon will fall under the sign of Taurus, signifying a new beginning and a chance to channel Taurus’ earthly energy of practicality into our daily lives. Because this will be an eclipse, we can also expect major shifts to take place during this time. Eclipses bring fated change, pushing us out of our comfort zone and into new pathways on our journey. Because this is a new moon, which represents new beginnings, there will be a major theme of releasing the old stagnant energies of the past and embracing the unknown. Additionally, since this is the second new moon of the month, we are basically getting a second chance to start anew, and just in time for the end of the month. Here is what this energy will have in store for us.


Venus will soon be entering your sign on May 2nd, causing a type of harmony in your life. You will be feeling extremely inspired and even a bit stimulated up until the full moon on May 16th, which may push you to re-evaluate your primary relationships.


Both the new moon and eclipse will fall under your sign, causing you to encounter a massive shift that will be motivating, to say the least. Tied to these events, you will feel drawn to starting anew in many areas of your life, so embrace the new beginnings and enjoy your season, you earned it.


Because Mercury is going retrograde in your sign on May 10th, this will be a chaotic season for you, to say the least. However, with these bursts of energy, you are going to be feeling a wave of breakthrough thoughts and ideas. Take some time to retreat from all of the chaos, and jot down your thoughts, at least until the retrograde is over.


During Taurus season, a full moon in Scorpio will take place, and with this watery energy, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Just be gentle on yourself, especially if it pushes you into your fees for a bit. While it’s necessary to feel these emotions, it’s also vital to not get consumed by them.


Taurus season will actually be pretty mild for you, Leo. The only source of chaos in your life during this time will be those around you who need your help. Take some time to help them and hear them when they need to vent, but also practice some self-care, so you don’t get burned out.


Prepare to be a bit edgy this month, Virgo. You are not a fan of unpredictable energy, and the eclipse and the Mercury retrograde may all but ensure that there will at least be some events beyond your control. In the meantime, it may be beneficial to plan ahead for these events.


The Mercury retrograde will also be difficult for you, Libra, causing you major anxiety and a lot of discomfort in being misunderstood. During this time, express yourself carefully, and stick to a routine. Doing so will make all the difference in the world.


You will encounter a full moon in your sign during this Taurus season, which will have you diving deep within. From time to time, that is exactly what you need, but with the Mercury retrograde, you may already be feeling it. Proceed with caution and make sure to stay grounded.


Because you thrive on the flighty and chaotic energy tied to Mercury retrograde this Taurus season actually shouldn’t be so bad for you. Just be sure not to get too caught up in the chaos, otherwise, it may put you in a dark place.


You are going to be feeling a lot of pressure from everything going on, including the eclipse and the retrograde. All of this pressure is likely to put you on edge, which can be a scary thing, as you’ve been battling for a while. It may be better to start allowing a little bit of steam to be released so you don’t combust.


Because you somewhat thrive in chaos, the Mercury retrograde isn’t likely to bother you. You tend to enjoy the inward reflection that comes with the retrograde and is more bothered by outside disturbances. So, if all else fails, take some time to yourself.


Jupiter will remain in your constellation through May 10th, which should serve as a barrier from everything going on. However, on the 10th, a Mercury retrograde will take place, which may push you inward a bit. Take it easy on yourself, and use the emotions that re-emerge to heal and mend your soul.