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In this day and age far too often we forget to love ourselves. We give love to everyone else and allow ourselves to fall through the cracks.

Something we as human beings struggle to come to terms with is that we always need to put ourselves first. While helping others and doing things for the people we care about is important, you can’t help anyone if you’re not taking care of your own needs above all else. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ and that is okay.

Being able to take care of yourself before others might take some time to get right, but we’re all capable. Self-care is something we all need to make a priority in our lives. Whether it’s just a moment to yourself so that you don’t end up freaking out or a good few days at home sulking on your own, you deserve to take care of yourself in the ways you see fit. Moving forward all the time will eventually take a serious toll on you and that’s not something anyone wants to have happen.

When you feel like you’re taking on too much and like you’re at your wit’s end take a step back and reevaluate things. If you don’t have to do it, don’t bother. There is no sense in allowing yourself to become so thrown back that you are neglecting yourself be it emotionally, mentally, physically, or otherwise.

While you might not want to make other people mad or upset you need to keep in mind that at the end of the day, you’re the only person you truly have. Your relationship with yourself matters the most. Once all is said and done and everyone else has gone home you’re left alone with your own thoughts.

Put effort into making sure you have the things you need and are on your way to the things you want. If sleeping in a few days a week instead of getting up early is what you need, go for it. You don’t owe anyone anything, period.

Don’t be afraid to put effort into yourself and care for your own wellbeing. Your happiness matters and you need to be sure that you’re taken care of too. If you never learn to love yourself, you will find that everyone around you is more than willing to take advantage of the love you have for them.

When you start loving yourself and taking care of yourself you’ll find that you’re much happier and able to live a more full life. You won’t be as willing to let others use you and you will be able to hold your own properly for once.

Putting yourself first brings power back into your life. It allows you to pause and breathe whenever you see fit. You aren’t being walked all over anymore and you’re finally glowing in the ways you’ve always deserved. Putting yourself first above all else is a very freeing experience.

This lesson is one that took me far longer than it should have to learn but now that I’m where I need to be I know just how crucial it is to make sure that I’m able to continue forth comfortably. Even the smallest things can make the biggest differences in our lives.