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While scrolling through my YouTube feed, I saw a video that stuck out to me ‘How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Guys.’ As a female that has felt like a magnet to the wrong people for quite some time, I took a moment to watch this and was completely speechless just moments into listening to him.

Before watching, I sort of scoffed at the notion of a man saying anything about the reasoning behind me, as a woman, attracting the wrong types. What does he know? After a few moments of thought, I realized, what better perspective on this subject than a man? Especially Matthew Hussey, a relationship expert.

And while I started out a bit skeptical, by the time the video was over, I was in tears. He was so profoundly spot on with his feedback. So why then, according to a male relationship expert do we attract the wrong men?

1. It isn’t that we attract them, it’s that we give them the chance.
2. We want it to work so badly, that we allow bad people to take advantage of us.
3. We give bad people chance after chance, regardless of red flags.
4. We ignore the signs.
5. We don’t trust ourselves to decipher between good and bad people.
6. We settle!
7. We lack confidence.

So how do we avoid them?

1. Notice the signs.

When a man isn’t good for you, you will notice red flags. Don’t doubt your intuition, and set healthy boundaries. As a female, we will attract a number of men, but the ones we choose to stay with are in our control.

2. Take responsibility for your ability to choose.

We will date good men and bad men, but it is our choice to continue dating a toxic person. Choose wisely.

3. Set healthy boundaries and know your limits.


Know that if you push a toxic man away, you will find a good man, if you open yourself to that possibility.

5. Know yourself.

Why do you continue to allow bad men to come into your life and stay? Discover the root, and work to heal this part of yourself, and to know your worth!