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As we make our way through May, we will once again have a supermoon to look forward to! The blood moon, also known as the “Flower Moon” will appear later this month. The Blood Supermoon is predicted to be the biggest and brightest supermoon of the entire year, but it’s not just a supermoon it is also a full lunar eclipse.

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, the moon got its name from Native American tribes who named it “Flower moon” due to the large numbers of flowers that bloom in May. However, the term “blood moon,” comes from the fact this month’s moon coincides with a total lunar eclipse, causing the earth to cast a shadow over the supermoon giving it a red hue.

Time lapse of Lunar Eclipse 2018 Blood Moon.

When You Can See the Blood Super Moon

You can catch this spectacle on May 26. The eclipse lasts from 9:45 UTC to 12:52 UTC (2:45 a.m. PDT to 5:52 a.m. PDT), with totality occurring from 11:11 UTC to 11:26 UTC (4:11 a.m. PDT to 4:26 a.m. PDT.)  It is important to note that the eclipse will not be visible everywhere, but you can still see the Super Flower Moon on the evening of May 25 into the morning of May 26, it just won’t turn red. You can also expect to catch the event via livestream.

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Blood Moon Eclipse

In astrology, the Moon is treated as a planet with its own set of meanings. The Moon is about shifting emotions, while eclipses signal beginnings, endings, and the need to do shadow work. Therefore, the Blood Moon astrologically signals the opportunity for an emotional reset and a deeper dive into your emotional shadows. It can also signal the beginning of a period of emotional cleansing, letting go of emotional baggage, and the start of emotional, and spiritual growth.

The lunar eclipse serves to bring deeper understanding within ourselves, elevating our minds to the highest power.

An eclipse is the perfect time to finally make a decision that you have been afraid to make, to add your final touches to a project that has been driving you mad, to break off a relationship that has been feeling like dead weight, or to finally quit that job you hate and follow your dreams. They are necessary times that bookend the period of life you have been living in. Look at it like your story is over, but a new one will begin tomorrow. No matter what stage of life you are in, this eclipse will push you out of your comfort zone. This could really go either way, it could result in success as much as it could in failure, but one thing is for sure; by the time this is over, you will have grown.