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If you’re someone who likes to focus on energies and things of that nature perhaps you should consider choosing your wedding date or other important dates by letting numerology set your intentions more properly. I know, this might not be something everyone is interested in but for those who like to manifest, this is a perfect way to kick things off.

Now, when it comes to figuring out what wedding date will work best for what you’re wanting you need to know the meanings or energies most present within the numbers 1 through 9. This is going to come in handy when picking your date because you should make sure that the number associated with what you want is present or that the numbers you choose as your dates can all be added together and simplified to even out to the number you and your partner most resonate with intentions wise. This might sound a bit confusing, but it’s really pretty simple so bear with me.

Below I am going to break down each number and give some examples of dates and the manifesting that may come with certain ones. Things like this are not as complex as they sound. When you get the hang of this, you’ll probably want to do it for all kinds of different things.

Meanings Behind Numbers 1-9:

1 – This number is one that holds deep determination. It symbolizes new beginnings and independence. While it might not sound ideal with wedding energies, it can really benefit those who choose to include it.

2 – This number signifies duality and coming together. It is a wonderful number for couples because it represents their relationship and love in general. This number could help promote a much smoother process of coming together.

3 – This number is one that a lot of people seem to resonate with as it holds the power of excitement and happiness as a whole. If you’re looking to have a really special day this number should be one you try to add to your date. It could bring up the energies drastically.

4 – This number covers things like patience, trust, and so forth. It is a good number to include because these are things we all need in our relationships moving forward. You are through using this one essentially working to put those things forth and bring them into your lives more abundantly.

5 – This number is often associated with big events and celebrations. It is one that could bring the mood up drastically and help ensure your big day is as great as you may hope for it to be. It never hurts to have that extra boost.

6 – This number is often associated with family life and creating. It could be one you use to manifest a big family or even just close connections with those who matter. That in itself is up to you.

7 – This number is all about self-expression, learning, and basically deeper thinking. It could when used correctly help you to connect on a deeper level and become one in mind as you would in marriage. I know, it might sound odd but this is a great number to be aware of.

8 – This number is one that brings forth a greater sense of harmony. If you’re feeling nervous it’s one worth including. When this number is present the universe around you knows that balance is something you’re seeking.

9 – This number is often associated with responsibility and things of that sort. That meaning it holds a heavyweight to it. It could help you and your partner better yourselves in the long-run depending on how you look at things.

Now that you know the meanings of these numbers in some sense you can break down different dates and come up with one that works well for you energetically. For instance, if you’re looking to manifest a big happy family through your marriage life, you may want to get married on 01/27/2021 which broken down (0+1+2+7+2+0+2+1) comes to 15 (1+5) and from there can be broken down to 6. Yes, it’s that easy.

What would your wedding date be if you followed this concept and are you going to? I for one think it’s quite interesting and could really help us all when it comes to manifesting. A lot of people tend to overlook the power of numerology and that in itself needs to change.