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When delving into the spiritual realms, it’s almost impossible to go without hearing the term ‘third eye.’ However, what exactly is the third eye?

For those who do not know, the third eye is said to be our mysterious pineal gland. It is located on our forehead where you would imagine a third eye to be. It is where our ability to see everything that might be and all the potential in the world. We all have access to our third eyes but not everyone knows how to do so properly. While opening the third eye seems like something we should all do, it is also something we should be wary of.

You should never open your third eye if you are not ready, forcing it open will only cause problems for you both spiritually and physically. The third eye is also strongly associated with the Ajna chakra. It is the gate that leads to inner realms of our higher consciousness. If you are truly ready to open your third eye the method I am going to go over should be more than enough to work if given the proper amount of time.

Third Eye Meditation

Step 1: Pick A Proper Place to Meditate

Find a place where you can be completely relaxed. This could be in your own home or out somewhere in nature, that is entirely up to you. Once you have chosen a proper location to meditate in you need to clear the area, get rid of any and all distractions.

Step 2: Sit With Your Eyes Closed

Locate your third eye chakra on your body. Focus on that area within your mind and really press your intent as you should. Make it known within that you are intending to open your third eye. As you continue to meditate on this let your mind go where it wants and envision that third eye slowly opening.

Do you see the energy and light surrounding it? This should increase as the eye opens. Remember to do this all slowly, it does not happen instantaneously.

Step 3: Be More Mindful Everyday

Now, while the first time you do this it will most likely not open your third eye the more mindful you become each day the closer you will get to opening your third eye. Go outside, pay attention to the small things and be more present.

Step 4: Repeat

Do this as often as you would like, the more you do it the more you will notice a difference. Your third eye will open when you are truly ready. Through this method, we are merely encouraging it to open rather than forcing it open.

You are meant to do great things. Do not rush this, your third eye will open eventually.

Image via Humans Are Free