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Aquarius is represented by a woman who carries a jug of water and symbolizes the healing energies found within each of us. Her water is emotional turmoil incarnate, and she transforms it into something new and better, allowing us to wash away our past and pave the way for a better future.

With that being said, on August 15th, the Aquarian energy within us all will shine through, pushing us to focus on the betterment of humanity. And as we are all connected, we all share the same traumas, pain, and turmoil, while simultaneously sharing the ability to connect positively. Of course, it could be said that we live during a time of great turmoil and sadness; however, it is within our grasp to fight for a better world.

But, this fight isn’t a physical one, and the energy of the Aquarius full moon will provide us with a great opportunity to truly reach out to one another and connect in a meaningful way. In a world full of people – many of them enduring war, famine, and authoritarian regimes with ill intent, we could use all the universal love we can get.

Try this ritual to help heal the world that is currently in dire need of love.

On the 15th, go and sit beneath the moon. Envision that you are the water bearer and you are her jug. Visualize the pain, and suffering in the world flowing into you and becoming transformed into light. Imagine your brain is sending love and light into the world to replace the darkness transformed. Say a prayer or blessing for the world and meditate on universal love.