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October is a spooky time of year, filled with weather transitions, shorter days, Halloween costumes, and fall decor. It’s one of the favorite times of year to many, and for good reason- you just can’t deny the strange and spooky comfort that comes during this time of year.

With that being said, Halloween, or Samhain has a spiritual and astrological significance. Historically, Samhain (pronounced Sow’-en) is an ancient Celtic festival and the spiritual version of New Year’s Eve. Not only that, but Samhain is also one of the four lunar fire festivals.

Beltane (May 1st)
Lammas (August 1st)
Samhain (October 31-2nd)
Imbolc (February 2-7th)

Halloween or Samhain is also the time of year in which the veil between the spiritual and human worlds is thought to be at its thinnest- making contact between the two much more open and easily accessed. The darker part of the year begins and during this time, the focus shifts to honoring ancestors and to divination practices.

Astrologically speaking, each of these fire festivals falls under a specific astrology sign, with Samhain falling 9 degrees Scorpio. This year, Halloween will follow the Blood moon in Aries that took place on October 20th. With Aries being an intensely motivated and passionate fire sign, it should come as no surprise that during this time you will likely feel a push.

For many of us, this push is going to be to let go of what is no longer working and to embrace change. While change can be scary- it’s necessary for growth. And Aries working along with Scorpio can be a bit intense, but it’s just the push we need.

Each of us will feel pushed to let go of something different because each of us is on a different journey. But if you think long and hard on it  – I am sure you already know what is holding you back from necessary change. During this Halloween, truly take some time to focus on what drives and pushes you in the emotional and ambitious sense. And on the contrary, look at what is blocking you. In the grand scheme of things- that is the major underlying and important theme of this holiday this year.