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As humans, we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is composed of the thoughts, ideas, and instincts we are aware of, and the subconscious mind is composed of the thoughts brewing beneath the surface.

While our subconscious mind is always at work, picking up on things we feel, hear and see, that our conscious mind ignores, it can be said that we have an entire another side of ourselves that we need to explore. Throughout history, psychologists have been using visual imagery to bring the subconscious mind to the forefront.

Psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Hermann Rorschach were both famous for their use of symbols during therapeutic studies. They believed that when we view an image, the first thought that comes to mind is a reflection of how we think and feel.

With that being said, there are a lot of illusions and symbolic images that circulate on the internet, with hidden meanings for our subconscious mind to decipher. Recently, I stumbled upon one and found it interesting. The image I have tacked below can be interpreted to have a few different animals in it. The animal you see can tell you a lot about what’s most important to you in love, on a subconscious level.

So, let’s get started: What animal do you see?

If you saw the Fox

For those who saw the fox, you are an optimist and a hopeless romantic. You thrive in relationships and easily connect with others. When you are in love, you typically tend to choose partners who align with you in a myriad of ways, and your partners are considered as friends. For you, the most important aspect of love is romance. You love feeling the spark, and you need to feel aligned with your partner.

On a personal level, you are deeply empathetic and find it easy to read and understand people in a way that many others struggle with. People often lean on you for advice and wisdom, and you provide an unbiased look into their problems.

If you saw the Dolphin

You tend to be a calm and logical person, one who enjoys your time alone. And while you don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to be happy, when you are in one, you are in it with your whole heart. You don’t too much care for games, and if you are ever with someone who gives you any shred of doubt, likely, you won’t stick around much longer. The most important part of love for you is to be respected. If your partner doesn’t take you seriously, or understand you, you won’t likely stay for long.

On a personal level, you are highly introverted, but not anti-social. You love spending time with the right people, but you are extremely picky about who you choose to share yourself with. But, when you do meet someone that makes you happy and who understands your unique persona, you are very loving and have high aspirations for a family one day.