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We often notice and perceive things based on our personality. And try as we might to hide the aspects of personality or psyche that we don’t want others to see, we often reveal our true nature, even without meaning to.

In the illustration below, a number of animals are meshed into one. Depending on which animal you notice first, you may learn something about your dominant personality that you didn’t know or that you have worked hard to bury beneath the surface. Your subconscious truly does work in mysterious ways!

1. Stallion

If you notice the stallion, then you are highly motivated and will stop at nothing to succeed. At your best, you are hardworking and dependable. But at your worst, you may have a tendency to step on others to get to your goals.

2. Rooster

While most people may perceive you as mild and meek, you are anything but. And you are resilient as well as persistent. At your best, you are able to overcome anything that life throws your way. At your worst, you are annoying and cocky.

3. Crab


You may seem as though you are tough and unfeeling, but you are actually quite emotionally attuned. In fact, you love deeply and are fiercely loyal to those you love.

4. Praying Mantis

You are quite observative and sit back and await your next move instead of an acting impulsively. Your intuition is almost always spot on and your patience allows you to await the outcome that you believe will come to be. At your worst you may seem stubborn.

5. Wolf

You are a team player and thrive most in the company of others. But, you are often thought of as the fearless leader, and you maintain your originality despite being a member of the pack.

6. Dog

You are loyal almost to a fault. You will stand by someone no matter what, even if it costs you your sanity.

7. Butterfly

You thrive on change and transformation. This is usually a wonderful thing but you may get bored quickly and often focus on the grass on the other side. Try to focus on the journey

8. Eagle

You are a loner and someone who dances to the beat of your own drum. While others may worry about the status quo, you focus on making your dreams come true.

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