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The subconscious mind is truly an amazing thing, as it can provide us insights into our true selves. Below, I have included an optical illusion and what you see first reveals a lot about your subconscious mind, and thus, your true self.

For nearly a century, psychoanalysts and psychologists alike have known the power of the subconscious mind. While we are only aware of our conscious thoughts, below the surface, there is a whole other world that we are often unaware of.

The interesting thing about the subconscious mind is that it is directly tied to art and symbolism. That’s why art is a powerful tool for the human mind.

Look at this image, what do you see first?


The Dove

The dove is an animal that is oftentimes associated with peace and tranquility. If you saw this animal first, you are a calming presence in an otherwise chaotic world. Your friends often lean on you to help them through their darkest times and there is just something about you that is soothing.

The Butterfly

Much like the Phoenix, the butterfly is often associated with transformation and transcendence. Starting as merely a caterpillar, the butterfly enters into its chrysalis and emerges a big and beautiful butterfly. Nothing can get you down and each time you go through a difficult time in your life, you bounce back better than before.

The Eagle

Eagles are free-spirited and strong. They are almost rebellious in nature and love adventure. If you saw this creature, you are someone who stands out above the crowd. You aren’t afraid to stand up for the underdog, but you don’t feel constrained by anyone else. You are a free-thinker and likely spend much of your time alone.


The Dog

Dogs are considered to be loyal and selfless. If you saw the dog first, you are a loyal friend and supportive person to everyone you love. You bring joy to those closest to you and people trust you to stand by their side.


The Wolf

You tend to keep a small circle of friends, but when it comes down to it, you prefer time to yourself. When you let someone else into your circle it’s a big deal, because you don’t let just anyone get close to you. Beneath the surface, you are extremely strong from within and you are someone who is thought to be quite wise.


The Mantis

You are intelligent and cautious. While you tend to be a loner, you still enjoy the company of others. However, when you do, you value deep conversation above small talk any day.