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If you’re struggling right now just know things are going to get better. We are all facing celestial energies that are going to help us grow and really bring us all to new places in this world.

As we move through 2020 a lot of us are becoming quite discouraged and that in many ways can be frustrating and complex but keep your hopes high. Things are not always what they seem. We are facing the things we are facing now because we are being prepared for something more.

Below I am going to go over several different angel messaged that came to me recently and after you pick a number you will realize why you were drawn to the one you chose. Between the numbers 1, 2, and 3 which one truly speaks to you? Once you’ve picked scroll down and find out what that message holds for you.

Angel Message #1

(Image Via: Pixabay)

Stop waiting around for something to happen in your life and really apply yourself. Nothing is going to happen unless you make it happen. You are not as stuck as you think you are. While you might be feeling down and you might be confused about where to go, let your heart lead the way.

I know, life can be a bit much sometimes but you are needed here on this planet and you have things to do. Allow yourself a moment to rest and from there really dive into the doors before you. Sure, opening them is scary but you’ll regret it if you never take the time to open them.

Angel Message #2

(Image Via: Pixabay)

Things are not always what they seem. While you’re not quite sure what you need to be doing right now you’re where you need to be. There is a lot of pressure on your shoulders but you should not be letting that break you. Your hope is more powerful than you realize.

Embrace your inner child and feel free to have some fun. You deserve a good smile from time to time. Life will get better, I promise.

Angel Message #3

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Whatever has been holding you back and bringing you down is going to come to an end very soon. Believe in yourself and allow the things within to guide you. You are strong and capable even when you’re not sure of yourself.

This storm will pass and once you’ve ridden it out as far as you can you will grow so much. This whole experience is a lesson for you to learn. Do not forget who you are.