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Angel Messages are all around us, but we don’t always notice them. The more tuned into our higher selves we are, the more we will pick up on them.

While the coming week might not feel too intense right now, there are tons of things going on in the energetic world that might be throwing us off. That being said, through resonating more properly with your inner being you can work to understand the things to come through choosing angel numbers. I know, this might sound silly but your subconscious is connected to your deeper version as well as the source of all.

Below you will find the messages several angel messages but you need to choose one before diving into its meaning. Without thinking too hard pick a number between one and four, which number stands out the most to you? That number is the one that can reveal to you what this week holds.

Angel Message#1

This week isn’t going to be easy on you. You’re going to be facing a challenge that you did not see coming. While this kind of thing might feel new to you, it’s nothing you’re unable to handle. If you remain grounded, you will get through this just fine.

Angel Message #2

For you this week is going to have you feeling quite down. The people around you are not going to feel as though they are on your side but things are not as they seem. The more you open up the happier you will be, take that leap when you are ready.

Angel Message #3

The coming week might not seem like much right now but the more time that passes the more frustrated you’re going to become. You’re confused and unsure of how to move forth. Take the time you need in order to relax and figure out what direction you need to be moving in. Tomorrow will come and perhaps by then, you’ll have a plan laid out.

Angel Message #4

This week is not going to be too bad for you but it might bring a bit of conflict to your life. Communicating right now is not going to be easy and you need to see for yourself how things are going to play out. Stop wasting your time and just speak from the heart, even if it makes you uneasy.