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Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant, artist, and teacher that uses her skills to help others learn and grow. Each week she draws a topic and gives an insightful and personal message- and this week she is helping us to have confidence in making an important decision.

In her angelic message videos, she provides three messages about the weekly topic. To get your personalized messages, she asks the viewer to place their hands over their heart like angel wings, while inviting their angels to join them. As you do this, she instructs you to ask your angel guides to provide you with the right message number, 1, 2, or 3.

Once you have received the number, she tells you to know with all of your heart this guidance is from your angels.

Now you can simply listen through, or go to the specific time for your message. She says if you’d like an additional message, to take the curser and intuitively allow yourself to be guided to an additional message.

The first message (Angel Message #1) is given at 1:17
The second message (Angel Message #2) is given at 3:30
The third message (Angel Message #3) is given at 6:40

I’ve placed the video below. I love this so much. I picked my number after confiding in my angel guides, and then listened through the entire video. I also picked an additional message that was exactly what I needed to hear. Angel wisdom can be so useful during times of struggle, and I hope that by sharing this with you, you have found some clarity today as well.