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While we all dream most of us do not remember those dreams. On occasion, one will reign through and truly stand out, but when that happens we tend to ignore any potential meaning behind it even though we should be looking into all possibilities.

The things that happen and the symbols you find in your dreams can reveal a lot about you and where you are mentally. While some people do not like to reflect on themselves it is often exactly what needs to be done. Below I am going to go over some of the more common dreams/nightmares a person can have and what they are supposed to mean for those who have them. While meanings will vary, these are for the most part quite universal.

9 Common Dreams and What They Could Mean For Those Who Have Them:

1. Dreams of losing teeth

If your teeth are falling out in your dream or dreams you might be letting things out of your mouth in general during your waking life that you shouldn’t. Perhaps you’ve said something you regret or are being overly cold towards those who care for you. You are being shown that once something comes out it cannot be put back.

2. Dreams of serious failure

If you have dreamed of serious failure on any level you feel as if you are failing in real life on some level. You might be facing lots of great opportunities but the stress of what is going to come is weighing heavily on you. You want to move forward not backward and are quite concerned in regards.

3. Dreams of dying or someone dying

To dreams of yourself or someone close to your dying reveals that there could be something coming to an end in your life. It usually stems from direct anger or anxiety towards yourself or others and cannot be resolved through being ignored. This kind of dream should serve as a reminder that life is quite short and we should make the most of it.

4. Dreams of being extremely late

Lots of people dream of being late, this kind of dream reveals how much stress you are truly under. It shows you are possibly taking on too much responsibility and bringing forth a lot of frustration. You might want to give yourself a break.

5. Dreams of being cheated on

If you are dreaming that your partner is being unfaithful to you then you either feel betrayed on some level or are going through some self-guilt. Perhaps you need to be more honest or work to be able to trust your partner more. Either way, there is something causing the insecurity to arise.

6. Dreams of meeting someone famous

To dream of meeting a celebrity is to dream of inspiration and validation. When you see someone famous and are able to speak to them it brings you up within. In this, you are finally gaining something you feel you are lacking.

7. Dreams of falling

To dream of falling reveals that you are struggling with something very serious and unable to truly get where you need to be. You are struggling perhaps more than you would like to let on and do not know what to do to resolve the issues before you. While things are not going to be easy, the end of your fall will have you picking yourself back up and working on putting your life back together. This is something you need to remember!

8. Dreams of being able to fly

Being able to fly in your dream state indicates that you might want to remove yourself from your current situation. You are being held back by all of the worries and stressors in your life. You have either managed to break free of something seriously weighing on you or you need to do-so.

9. Dreams of being nude in public

If you dream of being naked in public there could be a bit of inferiority behind it. You might feel as if everyone is judging you in general and come out quite neglected overall. That being said, this is one of the most ‘silly’ of the ones you will find on this list.