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While we like to think of love as a very black and white or clear cut thing it really isn’t. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes and not everyone thinks of it in the same way.

There are a lot of different kinds of love. Whether you are talking about the way you love your mom, your best friend, or even your lover they are all different in some way. Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of love and their universal meanings. While some of these things will vary from person to person, they are for the most part the only different kinds of love.

The 9 Kinds Of Love:

1. Self Love

This is the love we have for ourselves. This is something some people are drastically lacking but we all need. It is what keeps us going in some of our worst moments. This is what keeps us moving forward and doing what is best for us.

2. Enduring Love

Enduring love is the kind of love that lasts for a long time. Even when you part ways you still feel something for one another. It’s like a spark or connection that is unspoken but always present.

3. Romantic Love

This is the kind of love that we feel for new partners. When we are dating or beginning to work on our relationship we feel this kind of love strongly. Romantic love is one that brings forth all of those bubbly fun feelings.

4. Everlasting Love

This is the love that everyone longs for; the type of love that lasts forever. It is what happens when we finally find our soulmate and true life partner. You cannot beat this kind of love.

5. Selfless Love

When we feel selfless love we would do anything for the person we are feeling it for. This is often the kind of love a mother feels for her child. There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for their child.

6. Family Love

Family love is the kind of love siblings feel for one another. You are always there to listen and when one needs something the other always provides. When you have a mutual sense of love and respect in a household everything runs more smoothly.

7. Unfamiliar Love

Unfamiliar love is a bit tricky. It is more-so the love we feel for those who do not deserve it. It is when we do something nice for someone only to have it come back and bite us in the ass. While it hurts, we would do it all over again without a second thought.

8. Empty Love

This kind of love is the kind of love we feel when we think we love someone. It is more-so an infatuation than a real love. It’s like having a crush and loving the idea of being with someone, but once you finally have them, you realize they are not who you thought they were.

9. Friend Love

Friend love is the kind of love that you have for your friends. It is a bond you have with the people you’ve grown up with and the people who have proven themselves time and time again. While it might be more confusing, it is one of the best kinds of love that you can have.

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