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Sure, not every relationship is meant to last forever but when it comes to trying to find a partner that can stick by your side for the ‘long-term’ looking to the stars is a good place to start. If you’re with someone whose sign is completely incompatible with your own, things aren’t going to work well.

Below I am going to go over some of the best possible zodiac matches that can truly stand the tests of time. While not all who fall under these signs will end up staying together forever, they are capable of it if they can put their differences aside and grow together. These signs make the best long-term matches and usually end up being quite productive when together.

8 Zodiac Sign Pairs That Can Last ‘Forever’:

1. Aries and Aquarius 

When these two signs find themselves as lovers they spark something that will never die out. They always keep one another on edge and are thrilled to be with each other. They have a very interesting understanding of how each of them works which puts them ahead in the relationship world.

The Aries loves the way the Aquarius sees the world and the Aquarius loves how the Aries works to build a world for the two of them. Everyone is cared for in this kind of relationship and no one falls short. It’s like they’re just meant to be.

2. Taurus and Cancer 

When these two signs end up together they end up very ‘lovey dovey.’ You might think it is a bit too much how all over one another they are but that’s just how these two signs are. While it might feel like something that will die down, it won’t. These two are very romantically oriented signs and the more they spoil one another the more head over heels both sides will fall.

3. Gemini and Aquarius 

When these two signs find themselves in a relationship they end up working quite well. Both signs need their time apart and both are willing to trust one another. They work well together and usually come up with very fun things to do when they are by one another’s side.

Sure, sometimes they have to help each other focus and every once in a while they get a bit irritated with one another but overall they are able to guide one another through tense times. They when on the same page can accomplish just about anything and solve their problems well. Because communication isn’t lacking they are one of the best zodiac pairs. 

4. Cancer and Pisces 

When these two signs end up together dreams are found. These signs feed off of one another’s energies and from that stems a lot of creativity. The bond that is shared between these signs is very emotional and together they can find many rewards. 

These two help one another to accomplish their goals and build each other up. You will never find one leaving the other behind. Growth is very important to both of these signs and it really shows when they’re finally together.

5. Scorpio and Capricorn

Both of these two signs offer one another a connection that cannot be broken. They are friends before anything else and very loyal to one another. While they do seem to get one another in trouble from time to time, they together work through all that this world throws their way. 

Sure, it might take a little while for them to define things and make their relationship known but once it’s out there, it’s really out there. They earn one another’s trust in a way that really allows them to be on the same page. You cannot get in-between this kind of pairing.

6. Leo and Sagittarius 

While an unlikely match, these two signs seem to learn a lot from each other. The Leo loves to go on adventures and the Sagittarius offers him/her exactly that. While it might seem like this couple never slows down, they know what they are doing. Together these two are literal fireworks.

7. Virgo and Taurus

These two signs are usually quite infatuated with one another. They both come with the same level of devotion and no one gets left behind. The Taurus brings strength to the table while the Virgo has a quick mind. Because both signs seem to have a lot in common, they have a lot to accomplish with one another as time passes them by.

8. Libra and Leo

These two signs are great together because they both have the same need to be understood. The Libra calms the Leo when things get rough and the Leo is more decisive than the Libra. Together they are able to work through the things life throws their way and really hold onto each other through rough patches. 

These two signs usually have a lot of fun together but know when to be serious. They mix things up and always keep one another guessing which is great as time passes. Sure, things might seem odd at first, but they work well together.