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We are all working to become spiritually awake but that in itself is a much easier said than done thing to accomplish. Not everyone starts at the same level and well, some people progress quicker than others.

You should not feel bad if it’s taking you longer to accomplish what you think you want than it is taking other people because you do not know what your soul planned for you in this life. As noted above we all start at different places and while someone else could be more progressed in all of this than you that does not mean they are better than you. Your lessons are all meant to present themselves before you at specific times so that you can accomplish all you need to in this life.

Now, when someone becomes spiritually awake it means they have managed to ‘wake up’ their soul. They are no longer allowing their ego to run rampant, and they are living in a way that aligns them with their higher self and through that also to the source itself. This is something that takes time and no one gets it all right their first try.

One thing a lot of people seem to go without realizing is that the awakening process in itself can be a hard one to face. It’s not all roses and butterflies, it’s full of hard times and stress beyond belief. While in the end you do find a sense of peace and are able to move forth in a more unified way, the path to that peace is one that could very well tear you apart. A lot of people who work to become awake actually find that the more they progress the harder to face their awakening process actually is.

Now, below I am going to break down the 8 stages that I believe make up the spiritual awakening process and as noted above, not everyone begins this journey at stage one and you shouldn’t feel bad if you’re stuck on a stage you cannot seem to figure out how to move forward through. Everything will work out as the universe wants it to in time, believing in yourself and your guides can benefit you in huge ways when it comes to this kind of thing.

The 8 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening:

Stage 1 – Emptiness

At stage one, you’re in a place where you feel very empty. Life is a black abyss and moving forward doesn’t feel worth it. This is a place where we all get from time to time and how we get ourselves out of it can make a big difference in what step we move onto next.

Stage 2 – Seeking

A lot of people in this stage are looking for something. They want a way to feel better or a means to something more. They feel like there are so many questions before them and yet no answers. Those stuck on this stage are constantly yearning for knowledge.

Stage 3 – Breaking Down

This is a stage I know all too well, it is one a lot of people find themselves unable to move on from. You’re breaking down and nothing seems to be going right. While this stage could mean progress is coming it could also hold you back depending on how you face the things to come. We break down so that we can get back up and grow stronger but not everyone is willing to learn that lesson.

Stage 4 – Wandering

After a while, we tend to realize that we are in need of something that cannot be found on this planet. The people in this stage are working through the thought that their home might not truly be on this Earth but rather energetically somewhere else. Sure, they are making the most of their time here and trying to figure things out, but they’re also really working to make sense of this deep need to keep moving forth.

Stage 5 – Connection

This stage is one that I love seeing people in, it is the point where we realize that we are all connected. You as a person begin to see the strings of fate that bind us all and well, that’s a marvelous thing. Rather than being divided and closed off, you’re willing to really see others for who they truly are within.

Stage 6 – Observing

At the observing stage, you’ve moved on from the toxic things that the other stages hold and are more willing to see the world around you as it is. You’re just taking things in and letting your life move forth one day at a time. This stage is one that holds deep roots in mindfulness.

Stage 7 – Letting Go

Letting go is not easy but it is something we all have to do at one point or another. Those at this stage are letting go of their egos and freeing themselves from the people and things that have always held them down. They know that feeding into positive relationships and connections will do a lot of good for them and that the opposite is true for those who do nothing more than hurt them. Reading people’s energies is easy at this stage.

Stage 8 – Finding Peace

After all is said and done, the last stage I feel exists is the stage of peace, this is the stage at which you have accomplished all you’ve set out to do and you are resonating properly with your true authentic self. You are able to help others all the while accepting help in return because you know we are all one. Nothing can hold you back now.