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For those who have never thought of ending it all, the reasons behind it may be unclear. However, for those of us who have flirted with the idea of ending it all know it’s an appeal, and while I may have negative feelings towards the act itself, I know life can push us into believing it’s the only way out.

First and foremost, if you are considering ending your life, please reach out to someone. Ending your own life is not your only option, and life has so much more in store for you. With that being said, I understand you are going through so much, so please understand, that while your feelings of sadness are valid, your story isn’t over yet.

So what exactly can push a person to the point of ending it all? According to a number of psychologists, there are actually a handful of things that can push a person to this point.

Mental illness.

While this one is obvious to some, it may not be to all. Dealing with a mental illness is painful, confusing, and often can push us to the brink. Especially when you consider the standing of the mental health industry. We often seek medical relief, but don’t experience it right away, and that by itself, can make a person feel hopeless. If you are dealing with this, working through your pain by journaling, or through peer counseling can help until your medicines kick in.

Substance Dependency

When you have struggled with substance dependency, you can begin to feel as though the situation is hopeless when your attempts to stop on your own don’t work out. However, there are a number of avenues of treatment for substance dependency, so please remember where one attempt fails, you still have windows of opportunity.


Being unemployed can make a person feel isolated and void of purpose. To add insult to injury, you may feel financially unstable, which can lead to extreme stress.


Loneliness is actually proven to not only increase the production of stress hormones but can also cause irritability, chronic pain and more. Due to this, it can heighten the risk of ending ones own life.

Relationship Difficulty

Struggling with relationships, whether they are abusive, lacking in some way, or going through a major breakup can all push a person into feeling hopeless. Reach out to others that care for you, or seek meaningful communication and counsel during these times.

Family History

Whether genetic, or a learned/environmental coping mechanism, self-harm in your family history can put you at a higher risk of attempting to end your own life.

Terminal Illness

Those with terminal illness may feel cornered by their situation, or feel like they cannot endure anymore. In turn, they may become profoundly depressed. Others may experience a loss of willpower due to their ongoing battle. Because of this, some states have even worked towards enacting euthanasia rights for people.

Financial struggle.

When you are financially struggling, you can feel as though you have no other choice. Bills and financial responsibilities can begin to add up, leaving the person feeling as if there was no end in sight.