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Some zodiac signs are much quicker to move on when things hit the fan but not all of them are that way. There are actually quite a few who love in a way that is hard to let go of. Below I am going to go over the zodiac signs that love on a deeper level than the rest. Is your sign one of them?


The Aries is a very hard working person. He or she will work until there isn’t anything left to do. This kind of person might get tired of doing so much but keeps those who are important in mind. While they do not always show it they are full of emotion and care deeply for their partners. They through getting things done and providing for the people in their lives feel that they are expressing their love in the ultimate way.

This in some situations can be a problem for them in their relationships because they are not always as present in the lives of their partners but it is something that can be worked through. While teaching the Aries that breaks are important won’t be easy it is something that can be done.


The Taurus is a very all or nothing kind of person but once you show them that you care for them, and they build an attachment to you, they’re with you till things go south drastically. They love their partners in a way that can be a bit crazy at times. They will go to the ends of this world for their lovers and that is putting it lightly.

When you find yourself in love with a Taurus you are with someone who will care for you no matter what is happening in our lives. They will be there when sh!t hits the fan and when times are playing through smoothly. That being said, they do sometimes forget that everyone has needs and so reminding them is important from time to time.


The Gemini might be a bit more closed off than you would expect him or her to be at first glance but that doesn’t mean they aren’t emotional. The Gemini loves on a very intense level and doesn’t usually know when to walk away or back down. These people fall in love with every essence of a person and in their minds, a lot of the time think of them as their property.

That is why when you break up with a Gemini things go south quickly. The people born under this sign usually want to be with one person for their whole lives contrary to popular belief and when that one person tries to get away things can be quite complicated at best. However, if you’re in a healthy relationship with a Gemini, you’re in for quite the treat and will never have to want for anything.


The Cancer is in many ways a train wreck. These people love too hard too quick. They fall for people who are in need of healing and end up hurting their own hearts as a result.

While they have a lot to give and are never lacking in the world of emotions they try to make themselves look distant. You never have to question a Cancer’s feelings. If they say they love you, they love you.


Sure, Leos overall might be surrounded by people and the life of the party but that doesn’t mean they are not capable of settling down. This sign is one that wants to have someone by his or her side that will tell the truth when others won’t. When the Leo is in love nothing else matters.

He or she is willing to give up the spotlight for the person that matters the most but usually ends up sharing it instead. This sign will work to create a perfect world for the person he or she loves and even when hurt is quick to forgive. It takes a lot to get this sign to leave you for good.


When the Scorpio finds someone he or she can trust on a real level love blossoms quickly. The people of this sign come with a sense of intensity that cannot be ignored, and they are extremely romantic to boot. Sure, things can be painful sometimes but the good far outweighs the bad.

Scorpios will go out of their way to impress the people they care for the most time and time again. It’s like your praise means the world to them and the more they get it the more they continue to crave it. They cannot get enough of their partners.


Capricorn people are a bit different than the rest but not in a bad way. They are very good at communicating and want to talk all the problems that come forth through. They value the people in their lives to a point where if they do not resolve the problems that come up it eats away at them.

Knowing that someone is mad at them will tear them apart, and they always do their best to make things right when possible. Being with a Capricorn is relatively peaceful in comparison to the connections other signs can bring forth. While they aren’t the most romantic they are easily one of the most genuine.