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As the Black New Moon of July is headed here we all are going to be feeling a bit out of it, but some signs are seriously being driven insane. While it might not seem like much to some, those who are being affected the most are ready for things to finally be over.

The energies this Black New Moon holds are building up and not all of them are as positive as we would like for them to be. Below I am going to go over the signs that are going to get the worst of it and what they should be expecting. Did your zodiac sign make the list?


This Black New Moon is not one that will be offering you any peace of mind. You’ve been more than frustrated lately and things are about to get much worse. The less willing you are to deal with the emotional side of things the more confused you are going to become. You should do some soul searching while you can.


This Black New Moon is something that will have you feeling as if the whole world is against you in the worst possible ways. The harder you work the less you will accomplish while these energies are present. Just give yourself a moment to pause and pick things back up once the time is right.


This Black New Moon might not feel like much but it is working seriously in your life. A lot of the people around you can see the things that are happening in your life but you’re not paying much attention. Perhaps your love life is about to fall apart, could this be a good thing or a bad thing?


This Black New Moon is going to bring your judgmental side out much more than any other NM. You’re going to be driving people away within your personal life and it isn’t something you can change once the NM is over. Think things through properly, you don’t want to lose those closest to you over something that won’t matter months from now.


This Black New Moon is going to be bringing forth a lot of stress for you. You are going to be on edge the whole time and perhaps with good reason. Who knows what the next few months could bring forward in your life.


This Black New Moon might have you feeling out of place but it isn’t going to bring you to your knees. This is a time period for you to really work to better understand the things going on around you. Some people are up to no good in your life and you need to remember that.


This Black New Moon is going to be seriously affecting your love life. The harder you try to fix things the more confused and irritated you are going to become. Stop worrying so much and just let things play out how the Universe wants them to. If you cannot fix the problem, maybe things just were not meant to be.