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Sure, we all go through periods where feeling anything emotional doesn’t seem possible but are some of us more prone to this than others? It seems that depending on your sign you might be feeling a bit more devoid of emotion than the rest.

Below I am going to go over the 7 zodiac signs that struggle the most to express and truly feel their emotions. While there always going to be exceptions to this these are the signs that do have the most trouble facing their feelings. While this could be a weakness to some most of these signs have managed to turn it into a strength.


Because you overwork yourself your emotions are often overlooked. You shut them out and after awhile struggle to let them back in. You are not able to let things get in the way of where you want to be. You constantly push yourself regardless of how you should be feeling.


You are emotionless in many ways but one of the emotions you do feel is anger. You are quick to temper and full of rage. You dive into your hobbies and then emotions don’t really matter anymore. You are good at distracting yourself until it is time to explode.


Because of your conflicting personalities, you are able to switch from one to the other with ease. When you begin to feel something you don’t want to feel you just flip the switch. You are able to be a completely different person when you want to be and to some, this is pretty terrifying. I guess we could call you pretty damn adaptive.


You turn to criticism when you don’t want to experience something and it works well. You are a very flexible person and shutting out your feelings often presents itself in the form of an insult to someone else. Because you are typically inherently cold this is a lot simpler for you than it is for everyone else.


You don’t like to feel anything but positive emotions and you ensure that this will happen by moving around and being so flighty. When something isn’t working you don’t wait it out you jump. You do not let people close and don’t ever stick around long enough to get attached. You don’t often feel anything for others at all.


You don’t ever let people know what you are thinking and you stay focused on your goals. Because of this, getting emotional is not as easy for you. You do not emotionally invest yourself in anything. You do not care how your actions impact others.


You let your brain do all the work when it comes to getting rid of your emotions. You always think things through in a rational way and let them go. You do not let your emotions hold you back. You think that showing emotion is a sign of weakness and weakness is not something you will be showing.

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