In this life, we come across many more soulmates than people are usually aware of. Sure, we all have romantic soulmates, but we also have soulmates who are literally just friends. 

We recognize soulmates by the connection we feel with them but far too often we do not stop to question what kind of soulmate that person is to us. Sure, we can be connected on a soul level but that doesn’t mean we’re going to end up being in love with one another. Soulmates come in several different forms and some aren’t even meant to stick around. 

Below I am going to go over some of the different kinds of soulmates and break things down as best I can. While you may have heard of some of these, a few might catch you off guard. Really dive into the spiritual side of the connections before you and figure out what you’re face to face with.

7 Kinds Of Soulmates This World Will Offer Each And Every One Of Us:

1. The Soul Teacher

The soul teacher is someone you have met in previous lives and connected with. This person is here in your current life to teach you something. This could be a lesson for both of you or a lesson that only you are in need of. The purpose of this soul teacher is to help you evolve into a better version of yourself.

2. The Karmic Soulmate

This is a soul that you have met many times before as well but it is also a soul with which you have residual karmic energies. This soul might have wronged you in a previous life or you might have wronged him/her. Within the current life, one of you is making up for things that you are seemingly both unaware of.

3. The Learning Soul

The learning soul is a little hard to follow but it is very important. In each life, we live we come across people who we help change and who help change us. For the learning soul, we are their soul teachers. We are here to help them make some kind of decision or to guide them in a specific direction.

4. The Soul Friend

This soul is placed here before you to support you and be there for you through the things this world throws your way. It is someone you’ve met before and spent a lot of time with. You feel connected right off the bat and are quick to open up to one another.

5. The Twin Soul

While not everyone thinks that twin souls or twin flames belong on the same list as soulmates, to me they are both quite similar and in a sense on a level together while being separated. Twin souls are physical manifestations of our same soul but still somehow present in the world we are in as well. They are meant to be with us but oftentimes that does not work out as we both have to grow and change through our time on this planet to be able to reconnect once all is said and done.

6. The Romantic Soulmate

This is the traditional soulmate, it is a person who makes you feel complete that really gives you all you feel you’re lacking. This kind of soul is romantic and loving in general providing you with a relationship that allows you to really become your true self in a lot of ways. That being said, this connection isn’t always easy either.

7. The Soul Family Member

The soul family member is someone who has been a close family member in a previous life that you are currently in contact with. This person could have been a mother, father, sister, or something else of the sort but you can feel that family connection all the same. We build quite extensive soul families as we travel from this world to the next time and time again.

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