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Nightmares happen to everyone at least a few times within the span of our lives. And for many of us, the true underlying causes of these night terrors remain a mystery, at least until now.

Nightmares are basically bad dreams that occur when we are overly stressed or not dealing with something that is bothering us. While they can occur without reason, usually they are a result of something we are dealing with in our everyday lives. While I do not have nightmares often, I have had them and some of them still seem extremely real and vivid even to this day.

Some of the driving causes behind nightmares can be things like anxiety, stress, illness (with a fever), the death of a loved one, or even something as simple as eating before going to bed. While you can’t necessarily avoid them completely you can cut back on them by figuring out why they are happening and making changes. Below I am going to go over some of the common nightmares a person might have and what most often is causing them. While this won’t work for everyone it will help most.

7 Dream Meanings That You Should Be Aware Of:

1. Dreaming of falling.

A lot of people dream of/have nightmares in which they are falling off of something. Most of the time the person in the nightmare is either falling off a building, a cliff, or a bridge. This reveals that you are insecure and feeling overwhelmed. While you might not necessarily realize it, you need to get some of the situations in your everyday life under control.

2. Dreaming of being chased by someone or something.

Dreaming of or having a nightmare that you are being chased by someone or something also stems from anxiety. You are running in your real life and so your dream self is doing the same thing. If you work to better understand what or who is chasing you, the source of your fears will become clear. Dreams highlight a lot of things that we don’t realize. You are feeling very vulnerable and depending on what is driving this, things will not ease up without putting some effort forth.

3. Dreaming of someone who is dead.

When we dream of people who are deceased it can be very emotional. While this might not always be a nightmare a lot of the time it is. This shows that you struggle with letting go big time. You have got to come to terms with the death of this person and with the things surrounding them. If this person was someone you cared for you may miss them but if it was someone you were afraid of when they were around, you need to let go of that fear. This person is not going to come back from the grave.

4. Dream of being murdered.

When it comes to dreaming of murder things can go one of three ways. Either you are the one murdering someone else, you’re being murdered, or you’re seeing a murder happen. None of these are fun dreams to have and all of them will leave you quite shocked when you finally come to. If you’re dreaming of being murdered you most likely have some very negative emotions going on and are afraid of failing at something you’re working towards.

You might feel like someone is trying to keep you from succeeding and that isn’t always the case. You may also be struggling to get over something that has happened. Rethink things and see where you end up.

5. Dreaming of being embarrassed in some way.

Dreaming of being embarrassed/having a nightmare that you’re being embarrassed is not fun. Depending on what is happening in your dream your subconscious could be working to make you aware of something you’re embarrassed about during your real life. This is most likely something you need to work on and change. Overcoming this will make a big difference in your life and for the most part, stop the nightmares from being so upsetting.

6. Dreaming of being trapped.

Many people have nightmares or dreams of being trapped. They are pretty straightforward and usually stem from stress. You are most likely feeling trapped in your life in some way and need to make your mind up about something. Maybe you feel powerless and unable to get your footing right, take things into your own hands and prove your dream self wrong.

7. Dreaming of needing to run but being unable to.

This kind of dream can be quite terrifying. Something or someone is coming for you and you need to run but can’t. You either are unable to run completely or are unable to run quickly. There is something in your life you need to get away from but you haven’t taken the steps to get you where you need to be to be able to do that. Most of the time it has something to do with a lack of self-confidence and overcoming it is a lot easier than you’d think.

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