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Highly empathic people are those who have more empathic traits than others. They are more tuned into the emotional world and as a result, are more sensitive to things that most would not think twice about.

While some people look down on those who are deemed highly empathic, there is really nothing to look down on. Being highly empathic is a gift that not many receive. If you use your abilities to your advantage, you can move mountains in your life and the lives of others.

Below I am going to go over some of the ‘super-powers’ that seem to come with being highly empathic. How many of these apply to you in your life? Are you highly empathic?

The 7 Super Powers Highly Empathic People Possess:

1. They can read other people with ease.

Highly empathic people are able to pick up on the energies of others. When someone is sending out a negative vibe they are quick to notice it. While they might not be able to put their finger on what’s negative about that person they can read them within reason.

2. They can transmute negative energies.

Highly empathic people are able to turn negative energies into positive energies. This is because they are healers. They are able to when working at their full potential turn the worst emotions and energies into positive ones.

3. They can see the potential hidden in others.

Highly empathic people can see the people around them on a level most others are not capable of. They can see the potential locked within others and as a result, are sometimes taken advantage of. They want you to become the version of yourself they see locked within.

4. They just know things.

Highly empathic people are very intuitive. They allow their intuition to guide them in ways other people would never. When their gut starts telling them something is wrong, they listen.

5. They can help others grow emotionally.

Highly empathic people are able to help the people of this world grow through the things they’re facing. Because they take on the emotions of others they also can help turn them into something else. This allowing that person to work through the issue tied to that emotion more accurately.

6. They can lighten the mood of even the most stressful situations.

Highly empathic people are great at deescalating situations. When something is getting tense and stressful they come into play and try to make the air a bit lighter. While this doesn’t always work quickly, it does happen to come in handy.

7. They are capable of seeing things from new perspectives even in the heat of the moment.

Highly empathic people are able to remove themselves from their shoes and place themselves into the shoes of others. They can see things from an outside perspective and better understand situations as a whole. This makes them great problem solvers and allows them to get things done that others would never imagine being capable of.