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Love comes in many forms, but when it comes to romantic love, it seems we go through many stages. Have you ever noticed the crazy roller coaster ride that came with truly feeling something for someone else?

While you might not notice these stages right off the bat, the longer you are in a relationship, the more prominent they will be. Below, I am going to go over each of these stages. While some might be easier to get through than the rest, if you make it to stage five you might really have something that makes it all the way to stage seven.

The 7 Stages of Love:

Stage 1: Falling For One Another

This is where you meet and really become infatuated with one another. You begin to really feel something and want to get closer. This could be the very beginning of something amazing. From here you begin dating and move onto stage 2.

Stage 2: Puppy Love/Cute Moments

This is more commonly referred to as the honeymoon stage of things. You’ve begun dating, but don’t know each other well just yet. You’re all over each other and really lovey-dovey. Everything just feels so perfect right now.

Stage 3: Getting to Know Each Other

This is when the puppy love stage begins dying down, and you begin learning things about one another. While some of these things will bug you most of them won’t be too bad. You will still be quite content within the relationship for the most part.

Stage 4: Settling In/Getting Comfortable

Once you have gotten to know one another, you will begin getting comfortable and opening up even more. You might start opening up about problems and trying to move forward together in some ways. This might even be the stage where you move in together.

Stage 5: Life Breaks Through

Now, once you have gotten to know each other, the throes of life usually set in. You’re both working or doing things that need done and don’t have as much time for each other as you thought you would. You are trying to find some kind of common ground. Both of you are either working hard to make things work or just kind of hanging in there.

Stage 6: Sticking Together

If you make it through stage 5 you move onto really sticking together. You make things work, and you figure out where your heart lies with one another. You get things done and plan for something more. While this stage is a bit less hectic than stage 5 it can still be quite frustrating.

Stage 7: Creating A Future

From here, you build together and make a future for the both of you. This could be any kind of future you both see fit, and hold more for each of you than you think. If you made it to this stage, congrats. You have found someone to spend your life with.