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While leaving a narcissist is not easy, it is something that can be done. When you’re ready to finally leave him/her, the stages of getting back to normal and finding a life of your own will be there for you to take.

Below I am going to go over some of the steps that are included when it comes to really finding yourself and disconnecting from the narcissist. While these things don’t just happen overnight, they can get done a lot quicker than you might think. Breaking free from someone who is toxic to you and your own well-being isn’t going to be a walk in the park but it is something you are more than capable of.

7 Stages Of Leaving A Narcissist:

1. Becoming Aware

Right off the bat, you need to become more aware of what you’re going through. The abuse you’re facing is not something you’ve made up in your own mind. This is real and you need to come to terms with that.

2. Growing An Understanding

The more you understand your situation the better. You cannot come out of this thinking that you can still be friends or that this person has the potential to change. Narcissists do not change, and they are not the kinds of people you want to allow too close.

3. Cutting Ties

Once you’re ready and capable leaving the narcissist is your biggest step. In doing this you must completely cut ties. Log out of your social media accounts after having blocked this person and do not tell them where you are. Complete 100 percent disconnection of communication is necessary even if you feel like it’s a bit extreme.

4. Reconnecting With Loved Ones

From here you have to really be able to lean on your support system. Get in contact and really reach out to those who you’ve been forced to push away. Let them know what has been going on and take the steps that you need to take in order to move forward. If any kinds of charges need to be filed, do not hesitate.

5. Getting Back To Normal

While it might seem like a foreign thought at first you will be able to get back to normal when time has passed. This stage takes a lot to get to but once you’re there you will begin feeling better. While you’re going to have to go through a lot to get to this point, it is all worth it.

6. Finding Yourself

At some point when all is said and done finding yourself will be inevitable. You won’t be the person you were before you had gone through that abuse but you will be someone you are proud of. Working to live your truth is a very big deal.

7. Setting Boundaries

Now that you’re comfortable and where you need to be in life you should work to put proper boundaries in place that will assure you never face a narcissistic relationship again. Sure, these boundaries might be a bit complex and frustrating at times, but they will do you more good than you could ever imagine. Things are finally going to be looking up and you are going to be where you need to be.