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When it comes to who we are interested in dating looking at their zodiac sign and ours can really allow you to see the future in a wide range of ways. Sure, not all relationships or people are spot on to their astrological signs but the insight you receive can allow you a more educated look at whether you should push forward or run as far away as possible.

If you’re seeking guidance or insight into the intricacies of astrological compatibility and how it may impact your relationships, the Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide by Annabel Gat provides a fresh perspective on love in the modern era according to the zodiac.

Each zodiac sign has its own traits and those traits either mesh well or don’t mesh at all when it comes to the rest of the signs. If you’ve ever been in a seriously toxic relationship looking at your sign and your exes sign could help you figure out what traits you two did not share or perhaps shared too well that could have been your downfall.

Further, for individuals who might be interested in diving deeper into understanding the traits, strengths, and challenges of their zodiac signs and how they interact with others, The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk is a comprehensive reference.

Below I am going to go over some of the most toxic pairings of the zodiac and what makes them so terrible for one another, have you ever experienced any of these pairings? What was your experience if so?

7 Of The Most Toxic Zodiac Pairings:

1. Taurus and Aquarius

This pairing is either perfect or horrifying and there is basically no in-between. They tend to have very little if anything in common and struggle to keep the peace. It’s like they’re always working against one another rather than with one another.

2. Gemini and Virgo

Of course, these two have a good mindset in general and seem to think in the same ways they are not usually good for one another. The Gemini is just too much for the Virgo and when it comes to the Virgo’s tediousness Gemini’s go crazy. You might see these two fighting a lot more than you’d want to, that’s for sure.

3. Aries and Scorpio

These two are far more passionate than they should be for their own good. When they are together it’s like everything is on fire and far more intense than it should be. They both become quite jealous and obsessive right off the bat and there is nothing good that can come from a situation like that.

4. Taurus and Aries

Sure, they have a lot in common since they’re both so driven but the Taurus is not always as content with the Aries as you’d expect him or her to be. The Taurus is a lot more closed off than the Aries and the way they both live is very different from one another.

5. Leo and Capricorn

These two signs are horrible for one another, they never see eye to eye and are always bickering. Because of how artistic the Leo is and how creative the Capricorn is they are always trying to one-up each other in the world of imagination. While they might seem to mesh properly, in the beginning, the longer they are together the more they resent one another.

6. Libra and Pisces

This is a match that should never be made. The Libra might seem like a perfect partner for the Pisces but as time passes they both will become too sensitive for their own good. Pisces tends to come across as very irritating to Libras and leave them feeling like they need something ‘more.’ The Libra is going to get bored quickly and trying to mix things up will only make it worse.

7. Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer is one of the signs that we all know can be a bit too clingy. Sagittarius’ are not the kinds of people who do well with clingy. The Cancer in this mixture will always feel as if he or she is not good enough and as if the Sagittarius is running away. That being said, depending on the situation, he or she probably actually is trying to run as far away as possible.

Lastly, if you’re someone who finds yourself constantly facing challenges in relationships and wish to understand the psychological underpinnings, Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find – and Keep – Love by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller offers valuable insights, even outside the realm of astrology.