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When it comes to your path in life things can get a little hectic. It’s hard to find the good in yourself and your situations when you’re at a rough patch and that is something a lot of people struggle with.

Right now we are being influenced by the number 5 and some very interesting celestial events, to say the least, and with all of that chances are you’re a bit out of whack and down in the dumps. When you are at your worst it is important to remember just how crucial your presence is here on this Earth. You have a journey to make and no one else is going to be able to make the journey that has been laid out for you.

Below I am going to go over some things about you and the path you’re on that no one can ever take away from you. Whether you’re at your best or your worst these things reign true. Sure, it might not always feel like you’re making a difference in this world but you are even if it’s a small one.

Whether you’re a life path 5 or a life path 9 these things will be true to you. If for some reason you’re feeling unsure of yourself perhaps looking to numerology can help. You can click here to get more insight on your journey in this world if you so choose.

The 7 Most Amazing Things About You And Your Life Path:

 1. Generosity knows no bounds within you.

You are always helping others even when you might not realize it. Your presence in this world is meant to work with others and through them. You have done so much good for the people around you and you probably don’t even notice.

2. You are the only person capable of going down this specific path.

No one else can go down the path laid out before you. This is your path and yours alone. You are the only soul that will ever be allowed to travel in this manner through these things. That in and of itself makes you pretty special, to be honest.

3. You have managed to adapt against all odds so far.

Everything this world has thrown your way, you have overcome. You are capable of really becoming the best version of yourself and finding your truth. Not everyone is able to get as far as you have in their journey on this planet.

4. You’re capable of living your truth.

Sure, it might not always seem realistic but you are very capable of living your truth. You can find yourself and uncover parts of yourself that you’ve never known if you choose to do so. The more you try to become aligned with your higher self the more aware you will become of this kind of thing.

5. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

While it might seem like there are things and people holding you back in this life, you are the only one truly stopping yourself. You are the only thing standing in your own way and you need to be aware of that. Life doesn’t just stop for anyone, you’re the keeper of all the keys in your own mind.

6. You are truly motivating to be around.

You motivate others to be better and do better. This world is full of negativity and you are a light in the world. The more you do for yourself the better you do overall. People tend to rely on you in a lot of ways.

7. You see the good in this world.

No, you might not always be able to see it but you can see it most of the time. You know that through all the bad this world holds and negativity that there is around you, there is a light at the end of it all. Even when we are at our worst, we can still improve in some ways.