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We all have our own issues in life, but when it comes to dating it seems each sign has more in common than we’d like to admit. If you’re an Aquarius, there is probably a reason why you’re struggling so hard in love and if you’re a Cancer you should already know why you end up with a broken heart time and time again.

Our zodiac signs reveal more than most of us are aware of and with that, we have a lot of room to grow. The more you learn about your sign, the more you learn about yourself. Below I am going to go over some of the most common relationship problems for each zodiac sign, knowing these things can allow you room to finally begin to better understand why you are the way you are and how your relationships tend to work or ‘not work.’ Changing or at least working on these things might seriously benefit you and those you want to have close to you.

The 7 Most Common Relationship Issues For Each Zodiac Sign:


1. You have a very short temper.

2. You are a very ‘my way or the highway’ kind of person.

3. You tend to act before you stop to think.

4. You are too competitive.

5. You are often not the best at letting go and thus come with a lot of baggage.

6. You can be quite impatient.

7. You don’t know how to make time for those who matter.


1. You almost always bottle up your emotions.

2. You are far more stubborn than you should be.

3. You do not handle change well.

4. You do not know how to let things go and often take ‘revenge’ too far.

5. You get jealous way too easily.

6. You tend to be a little too materialistic.

7. You can’t handle being with anyone who isn’t as ‘together’ as you are.


1. You need lots of affection in your relationships.

2. You tend to talk a lot more than some can handle.

3. You fall out of love when you get bored.

4. You are way too possessive.

5. You tend to pick a lot of fights.

6. You don’t like repetition and so a lot of relationships end up leaving you feeling ‘disappointed.’

7. You can’t handle lazy people and are always opting for the fast-paced choices.


1. You give too much of yourself too quickly.

2. You struggle with boundaries, big time.

3. You are quite possessive and insecure.

4. You are much needier than most others can handle.

5. You can be a bit too moody.

6. You lose sight of what’s important trying to help everyone.

7. You express your emotions too freely.


1. Being with you can be very overwhelming.

2. You are far more arrogant than you should be.

3. You are too materialistic for your own good.

4. You are quite self-centered and your partner sometimes falls through the cracks.

5. You demand more attention than you’re willing to offer.

6. You tend to lash out in some of the worst ways.

7. You put more pressure on your lover than you should.


1. You are a bit too critical of those who care for you.

2. You give too much and fall too easily.

3. You don’t know how to remove toxicity from your life.

4. You work a little too hard and don’t know how to wind down.

5. You’re always worrying about something and it makes your partner quite stressed.

6. You often allow yourself to get hurt by ignoring your own emotions.

7. You say a lot of things you don’t mean in the ‘spur of the moment.’


1. You cooperate to an extent where you give up things you shouldn’t.

2. You are always working to avoid confrontation even when it’s needed.

3. You can’t handle spending time on your own.

4. You are too outspoken sometimes.

5. You are very indecisive when it comes to love.

6. You are a terrible liar but choose to do it far more than you should.

7. You try to do too much for those who do not care for you.


1. You are too closed off.

2. You lose interest far too quickly.

3. You are not quick to trust others and can be very secretive.

4. You get way too jealous for your own good.

5. You are not as good at expressing yourself as you want to be.

6. You are always holding grudges and never allow them to be released.

7. You let the smallest things get to you.


1. You have little to no patience.

2. You can’t handle clingy or needy partners.

3. You want to be single all the while having the relationship perks.

4. You’re always promising more than you can deliver.

5. You are not good at keeping other people’s boundaries in mind.

6. You’re not the kind to filter your words, ever.

7. You get bored very easily and don’t often take the emotions of others into consideration.


1. You are a too unforgiving.

2. You always expect the worst and jump to conclusions.

3. You try to please everyone and ignore your own needs.

4. You like to act like you know everything even when you don’t.

5. You struggle with communicating properly within your relationships.

6. You are always making excuses for those who hurt you.

7. You don’t know your own limits.


1. You’re a little too independent and uncompromising.

2. You do not like to express your emotions.

3. You are not the kind to fight for the person you’re with.

4. You refuse to allow those in your life who break promises.

5. You never truly feel understood.

6. You hate talking about the future.

7. When someone disagrees with you, you take it harder than you should.


1. You’re far more trusting than you should be.

2. You need a lot of alone time.

3. You do not like reality and are always seeking an escape.

4. You usually put more effort into things than your partners do.

5. You’re not the best at expressing your feelings.

6. You like to have a lot of friends and those friends are closer to you than most lovers would like.

7. You refuse to change even the smallest details of your life for others.

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